In Throne of Lies, there are 49 classes, including converted classes and variety of kings.

Every player will be randomly assigned a class at the start of a match, where they will begin working toward their class' objective. Most of these classes can even be converted by The Mastermind or The Cult Leader to become a version of that class aligned with the Unseen or Cult, with abilities to match both their starting and converted classes.

Certain classes will be present in every game. These classes are considered Guaranteed, and they are: 

Certain classes are considered Unique, meaning a maximum of one will appear in any given game. The Unique classes are: The Assassin*, The Cult Leader*, The Hunter, The King*, The Mastermind*, The Mercenary, The Mystic, The Poacher, The Possessor, The Prince, The Reaper, The Illusionist^, The Scorned, The Inquisitor, The Sellsword and The Sorcerer.

If a class is not Unique, there is a possibility to have more than one of this class spawn at once, with a limit of 3 per class if it is Blue Dragon, and 2 per class if It is Neutral.

Classes marked above with a * can be replaced, but only one can exist at a time, Classes marked above with a ^ are only accessible through conversion.


All Classes (Alphabetical)

  1. The Alchemist (Neutral)
  2. The Alcoholic (Unseen)
  3. The Apostle (Cult)
  4. The Aristocrat (Unseen)
  5. The Assassin (Unseen)
  6. The Butler (Blue Dragon)
  7. The Chronomancer (Blue Dragon)
  8. The Court Wizard (Blue Dragon)
  9. The Cult Leader (Cult)
  10. The Drunk (Blue Dragon)
  11. The Duchess (Unseen)
  12. The Enforcer (Unseen)
  13. The Fool (Neutral)
  14. The Handmaiden (Unseen)
  15. The Herbalist (Unseen)
  16. The Hunter (Blue Dragon)
  17. The Illusionist (Unseen)
  18. The Inquisitor (Neutral)
  19. The Invoker (Cult)
  20. The King - Cult (Cult)
  21. The King - Unseen (Unseen)
  22. The King - Good (Blue Dragon)
  23. The King - Neutral (Neutral)
  24. The King - Psycho (Neutral)
  25. The Knight (Blue Dragon)
  26. The Maid (Blue Dragon)
  27. The Marshal (Unseen)
  28. The Mastermind (Unseen)
  29. The Mercenary (Neutral)
  30. The Mystic (Blue Dragon)
  31. The Nightwatch (Unseen)
  32. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
  33. The Observer (Blue Dragon)
  34. The Paladin (Blue Dragon)
  35. The Physician (Blue Dragon)
  36. The Poacher (Unseen)
  37. The Possessor (Neutral)
  38. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
  39. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
  40. The Reaper (Neutral)
  41. The Ritualist (Cult)
  42. The Sage (Unseen)
  43. The Scorned (Neutral)
  44. The Seeker (Cult)
  45. The Sellsword (Neutral)
  46. The Servant (Unseen)
  47. The Sheriff (Blue Dragon)
  48. The Sorcerer (Neutral)
  49. The Timesnatcher (Unseen)

Classes by Faction (Alphabetical)


Blue Dragon

  1. The Butler (Offensive)
  2. The Chronomancer (Support)
  3. The Court Wizard (Support)
  4. The Drunk (Offensive)
  5. The Hunter (Killer)
  6. The King (Random) (Special)
  7. The Knight (Killer)
  8. The Maid (Investigative)
  9. The Mystic (Social)
  10. The Noble (Social)
  11. The Observer (Investigative)
  12. The Paladin (Investigative)
  13. The Physician (Support)
  14. The Prince (Killer)
  15. The Princess (Investigative)
  16. The Sheriff (Investigative)


  1. The Alcoholic (Offensive)
  2. The Aristocrat (Social)
  3. The Assassin (Killer)
  4. The Duchess (Investigative)
  5. The Enforcer (Support)
  6. The Handmaiden (Investigative)
  7. The Herbalist (Offensive)
  8. The Illusionist (Social)
  9. The King (Random) (Special)
  10. The Mastermind (Special)
  11. The Marshal (Investigative)
  12. The Nightwatch (Investigative)
  13. The Poacher (Offensive)
  14. The Sage (Offensive)
  15. The Servant (Offensive)
  16. The Timesnatcher (Support)


  1. The Apostle (Social)
  2. The Cult Leader (Special)
  3. The Invoker (Offensive)
  4. The King (Random) (Special)
  5. The Ritualist (Support)
  6. The Seeker (Investigative)


  1. The Alchemist (Support)
  2. The Fool (Social)
  3. The Inquisitor (Investigative)
  4. The King (Random) (Special)
  5. The Mercenary (Support)
  6. The Possessor (Killer)
  7. The Psycho King (Special, crowned from Killer)
  8. The Reaper (Killer)
  9. The Scorned (Social)
  10. The Sellsword (Offensive)
  11. The Sorcerer (Killer)
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