Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the original gamemode. All classes in the game have the possibility of spawning, including the Cult faction, who may spawn instead of the Unseen.

The exact percentage of the spawn chance of Unseen/Cult is 66% chance for Unseen, and 33% chance for Cult.


In the Classic game mode, around eight to ten players will be members of the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon in the normal game mode is guaranteed to spawn The Prince, and at least one healer is guaranteed to spawn. The Physician and The Alchemist are both considered healers.

If the Unseen is in the game, they will spawn with an Assassin and a Mastermind. The Sheriff is spawned in these games.

If the Cult is in the game, they will spawn with a Cult Leader and a random Cult member. The Paladin is spawned in these games.

The Prince is the most powerful Blue Dragon class, having the ability to imprison people during the night (preventing all visits to them, but occupying them) and try to find the bad guys and execute them.

Players who are not assigned to the Blue Dragon, Unseen or Cult will be a Neutral class.

The King will spawn in every game, no matter whether there is Unseen or Cult and is a member of a random faction, without anyone else knowing their faction.

There is a maximum of two of a class spawning in any given game (or as many as three for Blue Dragon classes), and in the case of Unique classes, only one can spawn. Classes that can be replaced, such as The Assassin, can result in more than two of a class existing by the end of the game, but only when they are alive at different times.

Classic Only Classes

The following classes can only be found in Classic Mode: