Conversion is the act of turning a class into a different class. There are currently 2 classes that have abilities capable of converting other players. There are two types of conversion: voluntary and involuntary. Not all conversions are done by a class.

Involuntary Conversion

Involuntary conversion is conversion in which the player being converted does not choose to be converted. There are several ways a player can be involuntarily converted without a class being the cause.

The Mastermind

The Mastermind is a Special class aligned with the Unseen. The Mastermind can convert a player into an Unseen variant of their class, generally with similar abilities. Here is the list of the original Blue Dragon classes that can be converted, and what they become when converted:

  1. The Butler (Offensive) -> The Servant (Offensive)
  2. The Court Wizard (Support) -> The Sage (Support)
  3. The Drunk (Offensive) -> The Alcoholic (Offensive)
  4. The Hunter (Killer) -> The Poacher (Offensive)
  5. The Knight (Killer) -> The Enforcer (Support)
  6. The Noble (Social) -> The Aristocrat (Social)
  7. The Observer (Investigative) -> The Nightwatch (Investigative)
  8. The Physician (Support) -> The Herbalist (Offensive)
  9. The Princess (Investigative) -> The Duchess (Investigative)
  10. The Mystic (Social) -> The Illusionist (Social)
  11. The Sheriff (Investigative) -> The Marshal (Investigative)

The Cult Leader

The Cult Leader is a Special Class aligned with the Cult. The Cult Leader can convert a player into a Cult variant of their class. Unlike the Unseen however, Cult conversion is based off of the target's class type, rather than their specific class. Here is the list of the class types, and what Cult class they become when converted:

  1. Investigative Classes (The Observer/The Paladin/The Princess) -> The Seeker
  2. Offensive + Killer Classes(The Butler/The Knight/The Hunter/The Drunk) -> The Invoker
  3. Social Classes (The Noble/The Mystic) -> The Apostle
  4. Support Classes (The Court Wizard/The Physician) -> The Ritualist

Other Kinds of Involuntary Conversion

  1. Unseen members are converted into The Assassin if there is no living Assassin, with the exception of The Mastermind.
  2. Cult members are converted into The Cult Leader if there is no living Cult Leader.
  3. The Assassin will become The Mastermind if The Mastermind dies before Night 4.

Voluntary Conversion

The King

Any class can be voluntarily converted themselves into The King when a royal election happens, as long as a Royal class doesn't step up to be King before all other classes get the opportunity to.

The Assassin

The Mastermind can become the Assassin when they use their Dirty Work ability.

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