Corax, The God of Darkness


Corax, The God of Darkness

Corax is just a myth.

...isn't it?


All we know is that The Cult Leader has some type of connection with Corax. Some say that The Cult Leader can bring out the darkness in others, much like Corax itself. How does one bring out the bad in someone so good - is there truly a spark of corruption in everyone? What kind of bargain would you have to make with the God of Darkness, itself to achieve such a feat? Perhaps this is an answer we don't even want to know..


This opens questions as to who exactly is the Cult faction? Perhaps they do not only desire the throne -- but perhaps they seek a deeper purpose with their unkempt faction? What if The King's involvement is only a small thread in a larger woven cloth?

What is interesting, however, is that The Cult Leader seems to distinctively have a Mark of Corax crawling up his right arm, ending at his palm. What does this mean? Isn't the Cult faction all about the Blood God, Mithras? What is the connection between all of this?


While investigating the different types of Cult members, we discovered that what we call The Apostle has been seen holding a tome with the same markings.

Despite rumors, all in all, Corax is still just a myth -- a story for bards to sing in a tavern full of mead. No one has actually seen it before - not even a drawing. Perhaps it is the darkness itself, for all we know; or perhaps Corax.

Scout Update

It appears that our scouts have returned with alerting information. The Cult faction is in deeper with Corax than we initially anticipated - while we initially thought the Unseen were involved with Corax, it is clear that the Cult faction is, again, involved with dealing with legendary deities. Mithras is only but a petal, now that we are learning more about Corax.

If these are indeed real, are there other Gods? Goddesses..? Is there someone watching over us? If so, where are they now? Surely there must be balance in this world...