Throne of Lies

The Cult Faction


The Cult Faction Classes

The Cult is an antagonist faction, like the Unseen. They will never appear in the same game as the Unseen. The Cult can have a maximum of 4 members (excluding an Evil King). They contain the following classes:

1.The Cult Leader
Portraitcard cult cultleader.png
2.The Apostle
Portraitcard cult apostle.png
3.The Invoker
Portraitcard cult invoker.png
4.The King
Portraitcard cult cultking.png
5.The Ritualist
Portraitcard cult ritualist.png
6.The Seeker
Portraitcard cult seeker.png

Every Cult game starts with a Cult Leader and a random Cult member.


The Cult faction has a radically different approach towards success than the Unseen faction. Whereas the Unseen always has one killing class that can kill someone at night (the Assassin), the Cult mostly relies on its Cult Leader to dish out death and destruction. Indeed, the Apostle, Invoker, Ritualist and Seeker all lack a killing ability and rely on different means to destroy Blue Dragon.

The Cult leader can use Eradicate at night to kill off players, but it is common practice in the first nights to try to convert Blue Dragon classes first instead of killing them. This is due to several reasons:

  • The Cult can have up to four members and it quite needs those numbers.
  • The Cult Leader does not have night or occupy immunity, and can be immediately detected by investigative classes (unlike the Unseen Mastermind). This means he is at much greater risk of dying.
  • The Cult Leader's Eradicate ability only has three uses, and is only rechargeable by sacrificing a fellow Cult member. This means that you should choose your targets carefully.

The Cult Leader's day ability, Rupture, allows the Cult to have some degree of killing power. It can be used at any time during the day (not during a trial though), but the best time to use it on someone is just before a non-Cult player is going to get voted up and stand trial (making them more suspicious).

Special abilities

The other Cult members boast some powerful abilities, albeit not killing abilities, that can alter the course of a game. Here are some strategies employed by the various classes:

  • The Ritualist can cause chaos in the court with his Teleport ability. They can also use their Intensify ability to help The Cult Leader bypass Occupation and Redirection. If The Cult Leader is low on Eradicate charges is is wise to Sacrifice the Ritualist first as you gain an extra charge from it with their Will of Mithras passive.
  • The Seeker is the information gatherer of the Cult, and can relatively easily pose as a Paladin or as a Princess to the court.
  • The Apostle is a very powerful early game class that can get many claims with his Court Spy ability, and can tell The Cult Leader strategic claims to kill/convert such as healers or investigative classes.
  • The Invoker has the easiest confirmable claim and can easily pass off as a member of the Blue Dragon by claiming Butler with her Chains of Corax ability, or Drunk with her Strings of Mithras and force paladins away from The Cult.

Lore: Unknown

The Cult members are followers of the Blood God, Mithras. There is also a connection to Corax, The God of Darkness.

The Paladin is one of few that knows about them. Our scouts are seeking him out for briefing..

Cult Room (Night)

Screenshot by Loremaster scaremenow

Extra Art

Mithras (The Blood God) and the Cult Leader, celebrating a victory.

Snowcrest Promo Art: The Invoker (Left) throwing a snowball at The Apostle (Right), with The Cult Leader (Center) holding a snowball. Notice a cat hidden in the snow.