Throne of Lies


Throne of Lies allows players to customise their in game avatar.

Title Incognito Mode

Choose from different Weapon Executions, Armour skins, Emotes, Death Note colours, Avatars and Titles to personalise your character. There is an option to randomise your gear every game, to avoid being recognised in game solely from your choice of gear. You are able to set your title to Squire in game if you use a special in game title.

ToL Shop Default Newbie Set

Squire's Set that Beginners Receive

Players can customise by earning GP (Gold Pieces), and then buying items in the in game shop. Customisations are purely cosmetic.

You can access the in game shop by looking at the main game interface, then clicking on the Customise tab.

When you first join Throne of Lies, you are given The Squire's Armour, the Squire's Sword, the wave emote, plus red and black Death Note colours.

ToL Courtroom

The day Courtroom. As of Patch 2.0.1, players now appear with their Title.

GP and Earning GP[]

Extra Gold

Earning bonus GP from events.

Players can earn GP by playing in Throne of Lies matches, predicting players who will be executed in the Day or killed at Night, getting voted as MVP at the end of games, participating in ToL tournaments or special events such as contests. They can also earn GP when they are promoted to Guide, Judges or Moderators.

Winning a Throne of Lies match nets you a basic 75 GP, while losing grants you 25 GP.

Money GP

Winning a Match and Bonus GP

When your character dies in game, you have the option to predict on which player will die the following days/nights. Each time you correctly do so, you gain a certain amount of bonus GP. This is an incentive for players to stay after they die, and tests their ability to predict what will happen next.

At the end of every game, you can vote on the top 3 players who had the most impact on the match. These players get the mvp of the game. The Gold mvp earns an extra 250GP, Silver with an extra 125 GP, and bronze with an extra 75 GP.

Alternatively, you can also choose to purchase GP with real currency.

GP cost

Option to Purchase GP


When a player is voted to be executed by the court, the first person who voted them up is assigned to do the execution with your personal weapon.

You can customise what weapon your character wields in the shop, and each weapon has it's own custom animation.The weapon your character carries can be seen in court and at Night.

ToL Shop Weapons1-0ToL Shop Weapons2ToL Shop Weapons3ToL Shop Weapons4

ToL Weapons 6

ToL Shop Weapons5


Different armours in game changes how your character is viewed by yourself and other players. They are also known as character skins or skins. From patch 2.0.1, any limited time or seasonal customisations now have a yellow highlight around them.

ToL Shop Armour1ToL Shop Armour2

ToL Armours1
ToL Armours2
ToL Armours3
ToL Armours4


As of patch 2.0.0, players can now equip up to 3 emotes to be used in the day. It is commonly known that players with the Wave emote equipped are more likely to be a newbie. More may be added in the future.

ToL Emotes

"T" Off and Sniff Thy Elbow were community suggested, among others.

ToL Emotes2
ToL Emotes3
ToL Emotes4

Death Note Colours[]

Death Notes play an important role in Throne of Lies. Players can draw or write info they wish to share with the court on them, such as an immune. Or players may choose to claim a kill with them, such as a Butler poisoning a king, or a Hunter using their Bear ability.

ToL Death Note Colours1
ToL Death Note Colours2
ToL Death Note Colours3

Avatars and Titles[]

Players who start off the game will be offered the title Squire, and have a Squire Icon. The Kingslayer Avatar was gifted to players who logged in around the time of the 2.0.0 anniversary patch, as a gift for supporting the game. Guides, Judges, Moderators, i42 Staff and early kickstarter backers have extra avatars and titles available to them.

New Icons and Titles may be added to the game in the future but this is unconfirmed.

ToL Avatars 1

Items with a yellow highlight around them are limited time only!

ToL Avatars 2
ToL Titles 1
ToL Titles 2

Seasonal and Festive Items[]

Occasionally there are seasonal weapons, skins, titles and avatars. So far, there have been special Christmas and Halloween skins. As of Patch 2.0.1, items with a yellow highlighted "box" around them are limited time only, seasonal items.

ToL Weapons Halloween
ToL Armours Seasonal Halloween
ToL Avatars 1

Christmas Items

Skeleton Armour

Both Cult who happen to be using the Halloween Skeleton armour.

Halloween court

Seems like Castle Adiart is also getting into the festive mood with Halloween decorations!