Killer's Death Note

While any class can draw in a deathnote, only classes that have a fatal killing ability leave a deathnote after a kill for others, in the morning, to see.

There is no mechanical purpose for leaving a deathnote, it is purely to taunt others or show off your drawing skills.

Deathnote Mechanics

  • Deathnotes will be shown in the morning after a death.
  • Deathnotes are not typed in but drawn in via your mouse (like a picture).
  • Many colors are available to customize your deathnote with. All players are able to use Obsidian Black and Crimson Red, while Adiart Orange, Blue Dragon Azure, Gathering Storm Gray, Harlequin Green, Mischievous Pink, Morning Sun Yellow, Neutral White, Nightshade Green, Ordure Brown, Telekinetic Teal and Unseen Indigo are all available for purchase with gold you've earned.
  • You can change the size of your marks by using the slider on the side of the deathnote.
  • You can fill in areas of the deathnote by using the fill button. (Be careful when using this as it can ruin your masterpiece if clicked at the wrong time)

Deathnote Mod

Deathnote Gallery

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