Throne of Lies
Throne of Lies

Game Phases/Flow

Each day within Throne of Lies is broken down into two phases: the day phase and the night phase. The game begins during the day. When the counter at the top of the screen reaches zero, the night phase begins. The game continues this way until the victory conditions are met.

While every player has abilities during the night, only some classes have day abilities. Regardless of class, each player may only use one ability per phase.


Game Start:

Every player begins the game seated at the roundtable. The King will be revealed to everyone in the player panel at the right of the screen. Members of the Blue Dragon and neutral characters will not see the class of any other player. Members of the Unseen or Cult will see who their allies are in the player panel.


During the day phase, players can discuss their investigation, use their day abilities and accuse others of treason. At the end of the day, one player may be put up for execution and the entire court will decide their fate.

At the beginning of ensuing day phases, players will learn which players were killed during the night. Those players’ classes will be revealed and every player will be able to see their logbook. If the killer left a death note, that will also be revealed. Players can access these documents at any time via the player panel.

If the King does not survive the night or was executed for treason, the self-nomination process begins, and players who step up can be voted for by other players to become King. Votes for players with royal blood, such as The Noble and The Drunk, are counted as two. If there are multiple candidates for King, all players will vote on the next King. If two consecutive votes are taken and no King is crowned, a power vacuum is created and there will be no King for the rest of the game.


During the night phase, members of the evil faction will congregate in secret to discuss their findings and plot their next moves. This can include killing members of the Blue Dragon or converting them to their faction. They can also use their night abilities to disrupt the abilities of other players and leave them with false information.

Members of the Blue Dragon will return to their own rooms at night. Here they can use their night abilities to investigate, protect, heal or occupy other players in an effort to bolster their faction or determine the allegiance of others. Some classes, such as The Mystic will be able to talk to other players at night.

Players will be notified of certain actions that were taken against them. Some abilities have priority over others (For example: if The Assassin tries to assassinate The Butler, and at the same time The Butler tries to occupy the Assassin, The Butler's action will be resolved first and The Assassin will be occupied, leaving him unable to kill the Butler).

Are you dead?

In Throne of Lies, Death ends your participation in the game; it is not possible for a dead player to influence the outcome of the game in any way. Dead players will sit in the graveyard as spectators, being able to predict who will die next and discuss the game amongst each other.