Player Logbook

All players are given a logbook to put useful information from their class or their personal observations in. You are given two pages to type in, which is useful for splitting your class feedback and people's claims, making the information easier to read.

When you die, your logbook is publicly displayed to everyone, and others can access it at any time to review your notes and clues to further deduct who should be accused of treason. They are also able to copy information in your logbook. For this reason, it's useful to keep a neat and concise notebook as a member of the Blue Dragon.

As a member of the Blue Dragon (or a Neutral player who is able to team up with them) you should be keeping track of what the results of your night abilities are every night, so that if you were to be killed or have your logs requested by teammates, other players can use the information you've collected to help them find evil players. As an evil player (better known as a member of the Unseen, Cult, or one of the several Neutral classes that may be detrimental to the Blue Dragon), you should be trying to create a "fake claim" in your logs, so that if you are prompted for your logs (or if The Marshal happens to use their night ability, Snoop, on you) you can trick the Blue Dragon into believing your claim.

What to write in your logbook as a member of the Blue Dragon:

  • On the left side of the page, you should list down the nights that have past, what abilities you used on those nights, and what the feedback from the abilities you used was. It is highly recommended that you write feedback for your abilities especially for classes such as Physicians.
  • On the right side of the page, you can keep a list of the players in the game (much easier to do if you list them by number) and list down any claims they make, to either keep track of Blue Dragon players you may want to defend or protect, or to catch out an evil player who claims one class, and claims a different class later in the game.

Private Notes

Every player has a private note page. Similar to the logbook, the private note page can keep important information. However, it differs is use, because your private notes are not shown to anyone upon your death. While a well kept logbook is important to a Blue Dragon player, using your private notes to store important information to keep track of is far more important for evil players. Additionally, while The Marshal's Snoop ability can look at a player's logbook, it will not allow The Marshal to look at a players private notes, meaning players are safe to keep information they wouldn't want revealed in their private notes.

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