When playing Throne of Lies, it is crucial to keep logs of what you do daily and be prepared to claim your class when Imprisoned by the Prince or when accused on the stand. This also applies if you are evil, have a fake-claim ready in advance with fake logs.

Unique Classes

Class Name
BD King Blue Dragon Special
Unseen King Unseen Special
Cult King Cult Special
Neutral King Neutral Special
Pretender King Neutral Special
Psycho King Neutral Special
Hunter Blue Dragon Killer
Prince Blue Dragon Killer
Assassin Unseen Killer
Mastermind Unseen Special
Poacher Unseen Offensive
Inquisitior Neutral Investigative
Possessor Neutral Killer
Reaper Neutral Killer
Scorned Neutral Social
Sorcerer Neutral Killer
Cult Leader Cult Special
Mystic Blue Dragon Social
Illusionist Unseen Social
Sellsword Neutral Offensive
Pretender Neutral Special

Remember that even if a class is not Unique, there is a limit of at most two people of each class at the start of the game. The only exception to this rule is the Blue Dragon's classes that have a limit of three non-unique starting classes.

Night Action Order

The order of night actions is as follows (with a few exceptions):

  1. Occupation, Redirection, and Guarding
  2. Attacks
  3. Healing
  4. Investigative Abilities
  5. Conversion

Useful Resources for Beginners to Mid-Level Players

Advice for Evil Killers

As Assassin, Cult Leader, or Neutral Killer, it may sometimes be better to actually not attack, not bleed, and not poison, and instead hope that your opponents execute each other during the day. This is especially useful if you are the last evil killer alive in the game, since poisoning, bleeding, or attacking someone who gets healed might do nothing but confirm the victim and his healer as innocent. Eventually, after enough time without deaths, people may execute the king under suspicion that he is the last scum remaining. You may also frame jailed players in this way, encouraging Prince to execute an innocent person and lose his executions.

If you are getting desperate, consider claiming to have been poisoned or bled in order to buy yourself another night without suspicion.

If you kill the King Night 4 or later, you might be able to win yourself a lot of trust by claiming to be a Butler who poisoned him. This is especially effective if you leave a deathnote corroborating this claim. Unfortunately, if King was Good, the court will know you are evil when you survive the next night.

Scum Reading

People who ask the King whether to execute or pardon are often scum trying to deflect responsibility to His Majesty and gain His favor at the same time.

Contrast what could have reasonably been expected to result from a player's decisions with the actual outcome. Generally, judging a player based on the former is a more reliable indicator of their intentions.

Refusing to vote up an evil is often a better indicator of guilt than whether they ultimately voted to execute, pardon or abstain.

Especially in the very late-game, be very cautious about hopping on a voting bandwagon. You might put an innocent player on trial and not be able to pardon him. In some situations, getting accused by too many players can actually prove a person's innocence. For instance, in a 3 v 3 where you are Blue Dragon, and assuming scum don't vote up their own teammates, anyone who gets enough votes to be put on trial must be innocent.

Someone who was previously leading the investigation but becomes suddenly quiet is likely converted.

"Meta" (IRL) excuses are usually low-attempt lies. For example, "Sorry I didn't post my logs because I had a phone call."

If someone is aggresively defending someone (A.K.A white knighting) and the person who got executed flipped as Unseen/Cult, then most likely the person who defended them are their scum buddy.

Fake-Claiming Healer

Consider publicly claiming that someone unsuccessfully attempted to poison or bleed you, in order to bolster your credibility. This is because real healers (Alchemists and Physicians) are immune to such effects, and the evil faction cannot target one of their own with poison and bleed.

If you're fake-claiming Alchemist as an evil, asking for King's faction in a whisper can improve your credibility, since genuine Alchemists often do this. Bonus points if you promise not to rat him out if he admits to being evil. If King makes a suspicious mistake but continues to claim Blue Dragon, slyly inquire (in whisper of course) if he's sure he's not evil (even if you know he's Good).

What to claim when playing against Princess/Pretender

When dealing with The Princess/The Pretender, you'll want to claim a class that is of the same type that you are. You should avoid claiming a Unique class, as if there is really one, you will be known to be a fake. If you're converted and it's convenient for you, you can continue to claim the class you were before you were converted.

The types that a Princess can find you to be are:


The following claims are suitable for Mercenaries, Apostles, Illusionists and Ritualists. (Classes in italics are neutral, and may prove to be a weaker claim if you aren't that class)


The following claims are suitable for The Mastermind, The Cult Leader & Seekers.


The following claims are suitable for The Assassin, Invokers, The Possessor, The Reaper, The Sellsword and The Sorcerer.

Type Change When Converted

  • Knight: Becomes Support/Social group once converted.
  • Physician: Becomes Killer/Offensive group once converted
  • Any Blue Dragon Into converted into Assassin will be Killer/Offensive.

When playing as one of these classes, it is important to choose a different class to claim as, so that a Princess doesn't find out you are converted.

Spoony created the original post this claim guide is based off of.

Additionally, these are the results that The Princess/The Pretender receives when using Flirt or Blood Test. (Pretender will also know if they are royal or not).

Target's Class Type Notification
Killer <target> is a Killer or an Offensive class.
Offensive <target> is a Killer or an Offensive class.
Investigative <target> is a Special or an Investigative class.
Special <target> is a Special or an Investigative class.
Social <target> is a Support or a Social class.
Support <target> is a Support or a Social class.


When a class is framed, their class type when checked by a Princess changes as below:

Support/Social Classes > Killer/Offensive > Special/Investigative> Killer/Offensive.

Where for example, Supp/Social Classes now appear as Killer/Offensive.

Effects provided by The Court Wizard's Empower

The Court Wizard's Empower ability can assist with the following positive effects:

  • Empowering a Support class will make the class immune from all occupation/preventions/redirection attempts so immune from Butler Serve, Drunk Happy-hour, Prince jailed prevention, Mercenary Stand Guard, and Sellsword Stone-wall or Intimidate.
  • Empowering an Offensive class will make the class gain death immunity for the night.
  • Empowering an Investigative class will make your target always see "true results" this means that they will be immune to Apostle/Illusionist Mindwarp, Aristocrat Intrigue, Scorned Frame, and Fool Deceive.
  • Empowering a Social class will make them conversion immune for the night.
  • Empowering a Killer class will make their attacks unhealable. (The Hunter's wolf will still be healable)
  • Empowering a Special class will have no effect.

Troll Box Strategies

The Troll Box is an ability both The Scorned and The Fool have which allows you to make another player appear to say something of your choice. They will not know they said it. The following are some strategies for using the Troll Box.

Meta Troll Box

A "Meta" Troll Box is a use of the Troll Box ability to make someone appear to say something about Troll Box itself.  For example, The Scorned might Troll Box one of their targets at the end of the day into saying, "Bleeding, please heal", and the next morning again into saying, "I was trollboxed, I wasn't bleeding."  Since one cannot actually see their own trollboxes, the target will seem as if they were lying in both instances.

Fake Troll Box

A "Fake" Troll Box is something said by a player intended to appear as if it were a Troll Box.  For example, a member of The Cult put on trial after being investigated by a Paladin might inject an out-of-place admission of guilt in the middle of their actual defense, with the aim of convincing the court that they are a target of a Scorned.  To illustrate:

  • Cult Leader: "I am a physician, I healed 9 last night!"
  • Cult Leader: "I'm guilty just exe me I don't care anymore"
  • Cult Leader: "If you execute me, you will lose the only healer you have left."

The middle line appears to be an actual use of Troll Box, painting the accused as an innocent victim.  This strategy is most effective if the fake trollbox line is prewritten and copied beforehand then pasted immediately after another line has been posted.

You can frame someone as Scorned after the execution of a Blue Dragon member by saying something like, "Hi, I'm 5. I'm Scorned. That was one of my targets. Thanks for the win!", just as the day ends, so they don't have a chance to respond.

Obvious Troll Box

If you are attacked during the night, you may post an obvious trollbox on the King in order to communicate your identity to your attacker and hope that they help you achieve your goal. An example of a Fool trollboxing the King in this way:

  • "TROLLBOX: I'm Fool and I was attacked last night. Please don't kill me at night. Help me get executed during the day!"

Players' Vocabulary

Word Meaning
BD Blue Dragon
Neut(s) Neutral
NK Neutral Killer (The Reaper, The Possessor, The Sorcerer). Could also be Neutral King
CC Counter Claim. When someone claims the same class as you. More commonly used for unique classes or when there are 3 or more people claiming the same class.
CS Cold Steel. The knight's ability Cold Steel.
NS Not Suspicious. Feedback obtained when a Sheriff/Paladin checks a person if they are Unseen/Cult, and the person is not Unseen/Cult.
Poss'd Possessed. Refers to a player being possessed/taken over by the Possessor.
Tb'd Trollboxed. The fool's/Scorned's ability, Trollbox, can cause someone to say something that they did not know they said.
DNR Did Not Require. Means that your ability such as healing as Physician/Alchemist not being needed.
DND Did Not Die. The Chronomancer's Time Warp feedback. Gotten when their target did not die the night they were Time Warped.
TW Time Warp.The Chronmancer's Time Warp ability.
Def Knight's Defend ability.
Conv Converted
Conv'd Converted
Exe Execute
Inv Investigate a player, most commonly used by The Sheriff with his investigative ability.
Surv The Sheriff's second ability Surveille.
Prev Your ability failed from an occupation, jailed target, Mercenary/Sellsword stand guard ability. (Not commonly used due to occupation changes).
SG Mercenary's Stand Guard ability or BD King's SafeGuard.
SW Butler's Serve Wine or Sellsword's Stone Wall
TF Test Faith, The Paladin's investigative ability.
Occ'd Occupied
Alch or Alche Alchemist
CW Court Wizard
CL Cult Leader
Duch Duchess
Inq Inquisitor
MM Mastermind
Merc Mercenary
Mys Mystic
Obs Observer
Pala/Pally Paladin
Phys Physician
Poss Possessor
Sorc Sorcerer
SS Sellsword, or The Alchemist's Stone Skin
Pret Pretender
Chro Chronomancer
Sher Sheriff
Kn Knight
EK Unseen King or Cult King (General term for evil faction member king).
PK Pretender King or Psycho King
GK BD King (Formally named Good King most people still use the term "GK").
Reaper Check The act of getting each player to speak to see if anyone was killed by The Reaper, typically by getting each player to type something in chat to confirm their active status in the game.
Debb'd/DB The Drunk's ability Debauchery
Party The Butler's ability Concentrated Wine
Bear The Hunter's ability Bear Companion
Peek The Observer's ability Window Peek
Link The Mystic's ability Link Minds
Frame(d) The Fool/The Aristrocrat/The Scorned's abilities Deceive, Intrigue and Frame
Warped Apostle/Illusionist's Ability Mind Warp
Chilled The Reaper's ability Icy Touch
Logs Refers to the player's Logbook.
HH The Drunk's ability Happy Hour
Guard me Asking for The Knight's Defend, Mercenary Stand Guard, or any type of heal.
Bled The Assassin/The Cult Leader/The Hunter's Ability that bleeds someone killing them in two days unless they get healed or delayed.


Tip: Mouse over anything in green to find out more information about it.

Class Death Immunity Occupy Immunity Bleed Immunity Convert Immunity
King Conditional Always None Always
Butler Conditional Always None None
Chronomancer None None None None
CourtWizard None


None None
Drunk Conditional Always None None
Hunter Conditional None None Conditional
Knight None None None None
Mystic None Always None Conditional
Noble None None None Conditional
Observer None None None None
Paladin None None None None
Physician None Conditional Always None
Prince None Conditional None Always
Princess None None None None
Sheriff None None None None
Alcoholic Conditional Always None N/A
Aristocrat None None None N/A
Assassin None Conditional None N/A
Duchess None None None N/A
Enforcer None Conditional None N/A
Herbalist Conditional None None N/A
Illusionist None Always None N/A
Marshal None None None N/A
Mastermind Conditional None Conditional N/A
Nightwatch None None None N/A
Poacher Conditional None None N/A
Sage None Conditional None N/A
Servant Conditional Always None N/A
Apostle None None None N/A
Cult Leader None None None N/A
Invoker Conditional Always None N/A
Ritualist None Conditional None N/A
Seeker None None None N/A
Alchemist Conditional Conditional Always Always
Fool Conditional None None Always
Inquisitor Conditional None None Always
Mercenary Conditional Always None Always
Possessor Always None None Always
Pretender Always None None Always
Psycho King Always Always Always Always
Reaper None None None Always
Scorned Conditional None None Always
Sorcerer Always None Always Always
Sellsword Conditional Always None Always

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