Lore: Mithras, The Blood God

Mithras is the Blood God worshiped by the Cult faction. Although not much is actually known about Mithras (or if it, in fact, even exists), but it is known that the Cult faction members desire Mithras' power. Followers of this god are rumoured to draw necromantic powers from Mithras' favour, even through death.
Due to the ritualistic nature of being called a blood god, it is definitely for a good for a reason - let's just say that The Cult Leader is not carrying wine in that chalice, which would explain the Cult's desire to end life in exchange for such ancient power.

 For those deemed worthy of its power, it is said that Mithras will bring absolution to both this world and the next.

Some say there is a connection not only between The Cult Leader and Mithras, but also Corax, the God of Darkness. The Cult Leader has been seen to have the Mark of Mithras carved or tattooed on left arm and the Mark of Corax on his right, although more-guised within his robes.