Throne of Lies
Throne of Lies
  • There are many different strategies in Throne of Lies and they can all change from game to game. Here is a list of each class and their respective strategies.


Strategies By Class

The Good King's Strategies

Revamped Good King.png

  • Be sure to keep up with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Useless/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
  • It is a good idea to start guarding The Prince if they decide to out themselves, as Prince is a high target for the Evil factions to kill.
  • Coordinate your safeguards, so that you can protect your allies, think about when the evils will attack your target. So you can use your Safeguard at the right time.

The Neutral King's Strategies


  • Be sure to keep up with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Useless/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
  • If you have become the Neutral King it is generally good to side with the Blue Dragon at the start, even if everyone knows you are Neutral. As the Butler will not hesitate to poison you if you step out of line.
  • If you are a Neutral King/Evil King, it might be a good idea to eliminate The Butlers as they can poison you, get an Alchemist on your side, to protect you from the Butler's Nightshade wine.

Revamped Unseen king.png

The Evil King's Strategies

  • Be sure to keep up with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Passive/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
  • Decide Fate can be used early in the game when you are an Evil King/Cult King. If someone claims Prince or another powerful Blue Dragon class while on trial, it can be a very good idea to decide their fate. Even if it means your death, it will benefit your faction greatly.
  • When playing as an Evil King, try to let the Unseen know you are their ally, for example, by fake-claiming silenced, or if you are Cult King lie to the court that Invoker/Assassin silenced you.
  • As a Evil King/Cult King, it might be a good idea to eliminate The Butlers as they can poison you, or get an Alchemist on your side, to protect you from the Butler's Nightshade wine.
  • The Royal Finger is a useful ability for showing allies exactly who to vote for, or splitting votes or misdirecting the Blue Dragon as an Evil King/Cult King.

The Psycho King's Strategies

Psycho king.png

  • Be sure to keep up with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Passive/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
  • Make sure you are whispering the other Neutral classes and getting them onto your side as you will need their help.
  • The Royal Finger is a useful ability for showing allies exactly who to vote for, or splitting votes or misdirecting the Blue Dragon/Unseen/Cult as Psycho King.

The Butler's Strategies


  • Your Poisoned Wine ability is a very useful weapon to turn the table and catch the Unseen/Cult (the antagonist) faction members off-guard. The problem, however, is that there is no hard rule on when to use it. Some may argue that the ideal time is during the early part of the game: If The King is a member of the Unseen/Cult from the get-go, it will be a disaster for the evil faction. Other players argue that the best time is during the end-game as a "last stand maneuver" to turn the table in a time of crisis.
  • Remember that your Serve Wine ability will put the Blue Dragon at a disadvantage if you hit the wrong person.
  • When Serving Wine, make a note if the person was immune to occupation. This may help to prove or refute a claim they made earlier. This could confirm an ally or expose an evil player in a lie. Specifically:
    • The only Blue Dragon classes that are immune are The Butler, The Drunk, The Prince and The Mystic. If your target couldn't be one of those four, or if they've claimed anything not on that list, they are probably an enemy. Hoverer, these targets cannot be The Mastermind, The Assassin, The Cult Leader or the Neutral Killer
    • After three occupy/redirections, players become immune to occupy and redirects, so its possible for a non occupy immune class to become occupy immune
    • Note that no Investigative classes are immune to being occupied; unless they have been occupied or redirected three times then you know that they are lying
  • During the end-game, where there is only one member of the Unseen faction remaining, it would be a good strategy to use your Serve Wine ability on the person that you're most suspicious of; if no one dies, you may have just found The Assassin of the Unseen. 
  • It is a good idea to use your Concentrated Wine ability if you believe your life is at risk, as you will prevent your death by occupying visitors, preventing you from being killed. Even The King will not be able to kill you with Order Execution this night.  

The Chronomancer's Strategies

Portraitcard bluedragon chronomancer-0.png

  • Keep track of Physician and Alchemist claims in the game, as they are able to heal poison and bleed effects, usually one day before the victim dies to them. This means Time Warp will only be effective on bled/poisoned targets if the healers are dead or focused on protecting someone else.
    • Another possible strategy is to guard Physicians while they handle the poison/bleed effects around the court, since they will certainly be targeted by direct attacks.
  • Distort Reality can be used on anyone but yourself and the player whose death you prevented. You can use it on targets who claim to have immunity, such as the Inquisitor, Scorned or even Alchemists who may have stone-skinned.
    • You can also redirect it onto a player being shielded by The Mercenary, triggering the shield. Just make sure the target is not an important member of the Blue Dragon like The Prince, just in case the Mercenary is really The Sellsword.
    • Targetting neutral claims, while sometimes ill-advised, might be the best course of action, especially if the person you are saving claims BD. Most people who are attacked and killed are indeed not evil, and neutral claims are only allies if it suits them. You will probably save a BD life and might even find a night immune class.
    • Unlike the Knight, the Chronomancer does not commit suicide if they kill a Blue Dragon class. This means you are granted a bit more freedom when taking blind guesses at suspicious claims that might be true.
    • While healable and non-bypassing, your attack can also target the King. Evil Kings might not guard after revealing their true colors, since their own faction won't attack them. Killing them in the night might save BD some time and let them put someone else on trial the next day.
  • Keep track of the attention you earn yourself. If you find yourself leading the court for the day, be sure to use Pocket Dimension.
  • If you die after delaying a death, there is no way to redirect it, and the person you saved will die after two days.
  • With proper timing and some luck, you can use use Distort Reality 2 nights in a row. This means a Chronomancer can kill people with limited night immunities, such as the Inquisitor, Scorned or even a Reaper. Since Pocket Dimension is a day ability, this strategy does not affect your survivability in the slightest.

The Court Wizard's Strategies

Court Wizard.png

  • The Court Wizard has a very powerful ability, Tornado, which can make Assassins attack themselves, make conversion fail and redirect attacks towards other suspicious players. It can, however, also hinder The Blue Dragon players by rendering players protected by Knights or Physicians vulnerable and interfere with investigation results.
    • Players visited a target of Tornado will know their target has been switched, and who with.
  • The only other classes in the game to be able to swap players is the Ritualist and the converted The Sage. They will accordingly often claim Court Wizard.
  • If you know The Knight is going to attack you for what ever reason, you can use tornado on yourself to redirect your attacker to an other target, proving you are a Court Wizard and not lying about your role.
  • Using Intensify can not only make people bypass Occupation/Redirection, but it can also make people Death Immune or Convert Immune, depending on what day ability is used.

The Drunk's Strategies


The Hunter's Strategies


  • You shouldn't use your Wolf Companion ability randomly because it's more than likely that you will kill an ally rather than an enemy.
  • While Retribution might look like a powerful ability, remember that it is not uncommon for Blue Dragon members to get confused or tricked and end up accusing each other; it is extremely important that you avoid being accused by a member of your own faction.
  • If the Blue Dragon faction is outnumbered, you may be able to turn things around by tricking your enemies into executing you first; but hiding and using your Bear Companion when they try to deal with you at night may be more effective, since you'd actually survive that in addition to taking out an enemy.
  • If you are going to allow yourself to be executed, make absolutely certain the last person who accused you is evil, since Retribution on a fellow Blue Dragon member can be catastrophic.
  • Most of the time, it's unwise to use Retribution deliberately unless the situation is extremely dire, since you can kill people with your Wolf Companion without sacrificing yourself, or could just accuse them yourself if you have decent evidence.
  • Generally, the first couple of nights are when you are least likely to get attacked, so consider saving your bears until later.
  • You don't want your enemies to know how many bears you have left. To prevent this information from leaking, consider not recording your bear use in your logs in case you get snooped by a Marshal, and write down the truth about what you did each night only in your private notes for when you get jailed by The Prince.
  • The bleed from Wolf Companion can be healed by both a Physician and an Alchemist, allowing either to prove themselves the following night.
  • You can also tricking your enemies into attacking, for example by claiming to be The Prince or faking a whisper leak in which you claim to be The Sheriff. Be sure to write in your death note that you baited and are in fact The Hunter. In addition if you get jailed after claiming the Prince day 1, you could try to convince the Prince into claiming to be The Hunter, which will make it more likely that Evils Faction will target you and fail to your bears. however the Possessor can safely send a target to attack and the Reaper will consume a soul allowing him to Survive.
  • The Hunter is a unique class, so if you are a Hunter and someone else claims to be, you can safely use your Wolf Companion on them as they must be lying.
  • Your Hunter's Mark ability is a very powerful one as you can prevent an evil from targetting an important Blue Dragon class. However, if you kill a member of the Blue Dragon using this ability, you will lose all your charges so be careful. Marking a Sheriff claim to The Prince is one way you can lower the chances you kill a member of the Blue Dragon.

The Knight's Strategies


  • Being a class that can't easily be confirmed, evil players may seek to claim your class. If there are two other Knights in court, it is a good idea to Cold Steel them. Because three knights is very unlikely
  • You should be using your Defend ability almost every night to make sure your allies stay alive and your enemies will soon fall.

The Maid's strategies

Portraitcard bluedragon maid.min-0.png

  • The Maid, much like the Sheriff is very hard to confirm, and easy to fake. Because of it you will have to be active in court, and get accurate information.
  • Unlike the Sheriff. You can catch classes such as the Scorned/Sellsword/Inquisitor/Neutral Killer. Keep that in mind.
  • Remember that royal classes are incompatible with each other. If two players claim Royal classes, its very likely that they are both telling the truth.
  • The Scorned is incompatible with every class in the game, so keep that in mind.
  • If you choose to Matchmake the Alchemist. Be careful, as you waste 2 nights of investigation if they are telling the truth. But if they are acting suspiciously it may be worth it. As you can catch them with a lie,
  • Keep track of who is compatible with who! If someone is compatible with someone who turns out to be an Unseen/Cult member, and they are not the Mercenary/Alchemist it is very likely they are a member of that team!

The Mystic's Strategies


  • You should be using Link Minds every night to gain information about different players, so that Blue Dragon players can help each other while everyone else will have trouble claiming, and it may later help in discovering that they aren't really what they claim to be.
  • When Linking Minds, you should attempt not only to get a class claim from another player, but also their logs. Knowing their class is important, but being able to identify inconsistencies in the logs is much more useful in identifying evil players.
  • If by chance, you managed to link with The Prince, make sure you don't give away his number in your logbook. You either claim him as a Hunter, a Knight, or just simply say you linked with The Prince. Because if you die, your logbook will give away his class and number.
  • When Linking Minds with another random player, you may get varying responses. Some players opt to give their classes (as you are 100% Blue Dragon, at least so far), while others will be wary that you could be converted in the future. They may, of course, also simply be evil.
  • You can use Conduit to give The Prince another person to talk to. This can help Prince detect liars quicker, or just simply give him a lot more to think about.
  • Late in the game, you can use Conduit to quickly gain 2 of the remaining claims and logs, or give a confirmed BD a talk with another player.

The Noble's Strategies


  • Your Political Pressure is very useful, try to save your charges to confirm yourself or swing the game into the Blue Dragon's favour
  • Normally it is better to use your Gossip ability over your Court Spy ability, especially early game or when an important class like The Prince is outted due to the fact that you are more likely to get information using Gossip compared to using Court Spy. In most games, people don't whisper, so this can be seen as a waste of a night if you do end up using Court Spy.
  • Try to Gossip targets that are likely to have a lot of visitors such as the Prince / the Sheriff to confirm yourself, and confirm all of their visitors

The Observer's Strategies


  • Your class is perhaps one of the most important classes in the game. You are a prime target marked for death or conversion.
    • An often-used tactic is to overlook The Prince in the first night or second night. This way, you will see who is protecting the king and who is not. This allows you to call out fake Knights / Alchemists / Physicians / Chronomancers etc. claiming to be protecting the Prince.
    • Additionally, overlooking the Prince for the first few nights makes it far easier for you to prove yourself, since everyone you saw visiting will be able to confirm you.
  • Keep the results of your investigative abilities in your in-game logbook. Your logbook will be released when you are dead, providing a vital clue to the living to deduct who is the enemy.
  • Your investigative abilities are by far the most powerful investigative abilities in the game, providing all visiting information about a player at night. However, you are limited to 3 uses of Overlook while you have infinite uses of Observe. Do not use your Overlook charges until an important class, like The Prince outs themselves.

The Paladin's Strategies


  • You should not reveal yourself if not absolutely necessary. If you are revealed, the Cult faction members have the power to kill or convert you easily.
  • Your Smite ability is hard to be timed well, but is best used on high profile targets who have already revealed their class and may be at risk of conversion.
  • While Test Faith helps find Cult members, it will not notify you if a Blue Dragon member was converted the same night you used this ability and still notify you that your target is not suspicious.
  • Be sure to use your Test Faith ability every night except for when you are using Smite, as you have unlimited uses.
  • If you keep getting Cult checks on Blue Dragon players, be mindful that an Apostle might be tampering with your results using Mind Warp

The Physician's Strategies


  • The Assassin / Cult Leader (Lacerate/Rupture) have the power to bleed someone. You can lure them to bleed you and waste their ability. This is good since you are Immune to Bleeding due to your Remedy Studies passive ability.
  • Do not Reveal yourself via chat unless necessary. You're only Immune to bleeding; not to any assassination attempts.
  • The Assassin/Cult Leader will not know if their Lacerate/Rupture succeeded in poisoning you, allowing you to pretend to be poisoned and/or healed to waste their time.
  • If you save somebody at night with Heal, your target will be notified that a Healer saved them. They can use that testimony to back up your claim of Physician if need be.

The Prince's Strategies

Revamped Prince.png

  • If you find yourself locked in jail with The Prince, he will want to know your claim. There is no reason not to tell him your claim and share your logbook with him. He is on your side, Blue Dragon-wise! This is very important to remember and an important way to get information shared within the Blue Dragon. There is no need to be secretive with The Prince (unless you aren't BD). He cannot be converted, give him information. 
  • As The Prince, consider asking your prisoner to verify their class by using an ability on somebody the next night. Two nights later you may then jail the proposed target and see if their logs confirm that ability was used on them the previous night. If it doesn't, this is a very reliable indicator that at least one of these players is lying and is therefore evil. Having all of your prisoners do this makes for potentially powerful cross-verification that aids your investigation.  
  • No deaths the night you Imprison someone might indicate they are an evil killing class, and this indicator becomes more reliable as the number of living players dwindles.
  • Your Imprison ability is a good weapon to make players claim their class. Keep an in-game logbook to take notes of who is who. You still win if you are dead, so your logbook will be your best weapon later to help with finding evils, and who is lying.
  • Although you are a Royal and may put your name forward to become The King, you are arguably the Blue Dragon's most powerful asset, so always deeply consider before putting your name forward. Usually, it is a bad idea, as you lose ability to occupy/execute a scum. But it could be a good idea in late game where you know who is scum and want to execute them for Treason but you have run out of Executes.
  • If anyone else claims Prince during the game, be sure to Imprison and ask for them to explain themselves. It's possible that they are a Hunter or Mystic trying to bait attacks, or the Sellsword trying to waste one of your nights and get you to kill them.
  • If there happens to be someone that you suspect and the general court suspects of being The Fool, rather then letting the court execute them, you should Imprison them and Execute them, to prevent a no voting period due to the Fool's passive.
  • Using Imprison on a target also prevents that target from being visited at night. You can use Imprison defensively on allies in this way.
  • If you successfully identify the Assassin, it may be best to jail him every night and avoid executing him until after three nights, to prevent 3 nights of Unseen kills, and keep more Blue Dragon players alive.

The Princess' Strategies

Revamped The Princess.png

  • Make sure to record all data you get from using Flirt in your logbook to later help narrow down claims that evil players make.
    • It may seem like a good idea to announce that you found someone as Special/Investigative while The Mastermind/The Cult Leader is still alive, but they could be a fellow Blue Dragon such as The Sheriff or The Observer.
    • If someone is claiming to be a class that isn't the same type as its Unseen counterpart (e.g. The Physician/The Herbalist) you can see if they have been converted via flirt.
    • If the class type is contradictory to their claim, you possibly have found an evil.
  • The Princess is often claimed by evildoers, especially the Mastermind, because of the relative ease to fake the logs.

The Sheriff's Strategies


  • Always keep a note of who you checked using the in-game logbook. When you are killed, your notes will be extremely valuable to your faction. Make sure to remind people, in your logbook, that even if your results said your targets in the first three nights are not Unseen, they may be The Mastermind.
  • Make sure to come back to the your first three targets if they are suspicious as they are not confirmed non-Unseen, even if they appeared this way, as The Mastermind doesn't appear as Unseen the first three nights.
  • You should keep your Scout on a high profile ally like The Observer, to make sure they don't get converted.
  • Placing a Scout on a player then after night 3 investigating them can make you have a trustworthy ally (Unless the Neutral Killer is still alive).
  • While Expert Investigation helps weed out the Unseen members, it still gives you a "Not Suspicious" feedback result even if your target was converted that same night. Conversions occur AFTER investigations at night, so to be 100% certain someone is not an Unseen member, be sure to place a Scout on them before you investigate them.
  • When you successfully got an Unseen member executed on trial, be sure to ask for protection, a Clear Mind , or an Overlook as you have given yourself a spotlight for everyone within the day.

The Alcoholic's Strategies


  • If your fellow Assassin managed to find an death immune player (possible Possessor) from his attacks, you may Happy Hour that immune player and get the Assassin to finish the job, especially when it's almost within the end of the game when Unseen has the numbers over Blue Dragon with the Neutral Killer still around. Be sure to consider finding a confirmed Alchemist before you attempt this strategy however! Or you could waste an effort into killing a Neutral who merely wants to survive this bloodbath!
  • If you are aware of who an Investigative class is, redirect that player to someone that isn't one of your fellow Unseen, giving them a chance of avoiding detection.

The Aristocrat's Strategies


  • Since your abilities are the same as before you were converted, your best claim is Noble.
  • The best way to use the Intrigue ability is to tell the King/Investigative that you are suspicious of someone and ask them to investigate them. Then you will almost guarantee an execution the next day due to you framing them.

The Duchess' Strategies


  • The Duchess is a very powerful class for locating potential targets for conversion or assassination.
  • You may choose to become The King, but is not recommended in most cases because your investigative powers can guide The Assassin. In the event that this is not needed and The King dies, then stepping up to be the next King can give the Unseen an invaluable extra vote. This can be especially potent if you used Dark Wisp and The Sheriff "confirmed" you as Blue Dragon.
  • If you have already claimed you are a Princess and someone asks you who you checked last night, you can say you investigated one of the players you've used your Bat Eyelashes ability on.
  • Using Dark Wisp at the right time may prove difficult, but if you have reason to believe that you or your fellow Unseen will be Investigated that night, it could prevent any of you from being executed.
  • Make sure to share your results with the team so The Assassin has a better idea of who to kill and The Mastermind has a better idea of who to convert.

The Enforcer's Strategies


  • Your Frenzy ability is extremely useful for taking out a high profile target like The King, but can also be used to secure a kill on someone important who is being healed by The Physician or The Alchemist and also getting The Assassin to be able to use his 2-For-1 ability without fail.

The Handmaiden's Strategies

Portraitcard unseen handmaiden-0.png

  • As Handmaiden, because of the Maid checking 2 people in one night. It is a good idea to say 2 Blue Dragon are incompatible, this is good because it incriminates two people, plus by the time both of them are dead, and you get killed for getting 2 Blue Dragon killed, the Mastermind can convert another player
  • Be wary of Observers! They can see you visit 2 targets, while a non-converted Maid only visits one player each night.
  • Analyze can be best used to with the Prince or Assassin with someone suspected of being the Neutral Killer, because they're both of the Killer class type.
  • At night you can ask your Unseen members who the Assassin killed. Using Prying Servants on someone who wasn't killed by your Assassin can help find Neutrals or the Neutral Killer.

The Herbalist's Strategies


  • Coordinate with The Assassin when using your Drug ability by using it when the Assassin isn't killing that night, to make it seem as if you are still unconverted, for example when he has been imprisoned by The Prince.
  • You may trick a player into believing you are a Physician that saved their life by drugging them and then telling them that you were the one who healed them. That player will probably then defend you from all accusations in the future. If you are later killed after you've become an Assassin, the person who defended you will seem suspect and will likely be executed for having backed you up.
  • Make sure that The Assassin doesn't use his Lacerate ability. This could end up in you getting executed if you were to claim as your unconverted counterpart, The Physician.
  • Your Defile ability can be powerful to lead the Blue Dragon to believe many different things, such as making them think they are in a Cult game, or that a powerful Unseen member is dead. Some care should be taken when using it, since if the Blue Dragon realizes the class was faked, they'll also realize that there's either an Herbalist or Possessor.
    • If you're unsure what else to defile someone as, The Assassin is often a safe bet, especially if a previous Assassin has died - the contradiction between the target's notebook and their class will usually be overlooked because anyone can be converted into an Assassin, and even if a real Assassin is later exposed, people will simply think he inherited the class. This can be especially effective if The Mastermind is dead - if your actual Assassin later dies, this can lead the court to think all evils have been caught, which will usually make them conclude that the King is evil, getting him lynched. However, while such an Assassin defilement may make people skeptical of the target's notebook, it won't necessarily make them completely disregard it, since parts of it could have been written before the "Assassin" was converted.
    • Defiling someone as The Mastermind can be valuable, especially after Night 3, since it can lead the court to think the Mastermind is already dead. However, if the real Mastermind dies later, it could potentially out you.
    • Defiling someone as The Fool or The Scorned can be effective at making people disregard their will, although people may wonder how a normally-immune Scorned got killed.
    • Defiling someone as a Neutral Killing class can be effective at getting their notebook disregarded, and even if the deception is discovered people may assume it was The Possessor rather than a Herbalist. However, unless you are certain the killer is The Sorcerer, this carries some risk, since the BD will stop hunting the Neutral Killer. It's also dangerous to fake a Sorcerer's death while The Inquisitor is alive, since the Inquisitor will know the real Sorcerer is still around when they fail to receive a victory message.
    • Defiling someone as a Reaper or Possessor in a Sorcerer game can cast enough doubt on the Inquisitor claim to get him wrongfully executed.
    • Defiling someone as a Blue Dragon class rarely works, since it won't match their notebook and few Blue Dragon would keep an inaccurate log. In an absolute pinch you could theoretically try to cast doubt on someone's claim this way, but it's more likely to just out the existence of a Herbalist.

The Illusionist's Strategies


  • You should be cautious about claiming to be The Mystic if you haven't already revealed since your inability to Link Minds is extremely obvious. Consider changing your claim to something else. Or just simply say you linked with your Unseen members, given the chances to.
  • Private Matter is useful for communicating with your fellow Unseen during the day.
  • Your Mental Blur is a dangerous ability that should only be used if its absolutely necessary but be very careful as it confirms that there is an Illusionist.
  • Your Mind Warp ability is best used on investigative classes. On a Sheriff, it will make their checks return false positives. On a Princess, it will make their Flirt ability return killer/offensive even if it isn't. On an Observer, they will be told that nobody visited their target and their target made no visits either.
  • Using Mind Warp on a confirmed Sheriff is seen as a great move sometimes (after n3 at least). As the Sheriff will mislead the other BD into killing an innocent BD member or confirming someone who is actually Unseen.
  • If the King has died, consider stepping up to be King as it can be difficult to keep your Mystic claim throughout the nights if you already claimed and confirmed to everyone who you were.

The Marshal's Strategies


  • Make sure you don't whisper your probe findings to your fellow unseen as a Noble could have spied on the court the previous night.
  • Before dawn breaks, you can send your finding in the chat. Your fellow Unseen is capable of seeing this, but the rest of the court will be oblivious.
  • If you Probe The Prince before Prince outs, you can tell your Assassin and get him to kill the Prince.

The Mastermind's Strategies


  • Some classes are more powerful than others. At some times, it may be worth the time to discover more powerful classes and Convert them, after discovering the best. However, at other times, it may be a wiser use of your time to just convert the first class that you know that won't be Immune to your ability.
  • If you can, convince an Investigator to check you to "confirm" your "innocence" within the first three nights. This will help build the Unseen's alibi.
  • Be careful who you convert, as some may be more useful than others. It's up to you if you'd prefer to wait for the best classes to convert or to just get the most you can before someone calls you out for Treason. Sometimes converting a less useful class is better than waiting to discover a more powerful one through Foresight.
  • A great way to frame someone is to use Foresight on someone that you know has a Scout on them. It will show as an Unseen visit and there is a great possibility that the player you foresighted will be executed by the Sheriff the next day.

The Nightwatch's Strategies


  • Your Follow ability will provide your alibi. The Nightwatch's Follow is both The Observer's Overlook and Observe abilities combined into one ability, making it so you get more information while also have similar information as your unconverted counterpart. Be careful however, if you Follow someone and The Noble is also using their Gossip ability on the same target, they will discover that you are a Nightwatch, due to the fact that they will see both the Overlook and Observe feedback, something an Observer can't do.
  • As a result of an "unconfirmable" alibi, it will be tricky to convince players to believe you. However, once they believe that your report is credible, you can start crafting fake reports to throw The Blue Dragon faction off-guard without any meaningful attack.
  • The Follow ability will allow you deduce who is what class, allowing you to assess who is a dangerous player.
  • Your Watch Carefully ability is extremely valuable to the Unseen, being able to deduce two classes and how much of a threat they are to you. This can be useful for finding targets to kill, bleed or convert.

The Poacher's Strategies


  • Your Snare Trap ability is very useful if you know that your target will be acting that night.
  • Your Spike Traps ability is useful, but overuse may make people suspect of a Poacher.
  • If you know who is the reaper, you can use our abilities to occupy them and protect your fellow unseen members
  • You cannot use Bear Companion or Wolf Companion anymore. If you need time. you can have other members of the unseen claiming they were attacked by a Wolf, which will thrown suspicion of you for a time. Since you cannot use Wolf compagnion, you cannot prove you are still the Hunter

The Sage's Strategies


  • While you retain your abilities from when you were The Court Wizard and can use these to the Unseen's advantage, if The Assassin dies you will become the new Assassin, and it will be very hard for you to convince the court you are the still The Court Wizard.
  • If you use Tornado, other players will know where they were redirected. Try to avoid redirecting The Sheriff to a member of the Unseen.
  • Wall Of Fire is a limited but useful ability. You can use to ensure no one is present to heal a poisoned target or the assassin is not blocked by a protective Blue Dragon. If you someone is suspicious and you know they are going to be visited by a Blue Dragon class or execute by the King, you can use Wall of Fire on them, to convice other players into thinking they are protected by the Sellsword, which may lead to their execution by the Prince or the court.

The Servant's Strategies


  • You can use use Serve Wine to prevent member of the Blue Dragon, like the Sheriff or the Observer from gathering information and harming your team, you can use it to find occupation immune target, in which case you should report to the unseen that your target was occupation immune as they can be The Prince, a Neutral Killer, The Fool or the Scorned
  • During end-game to seal the game, use Serve Wine to prevent strong players from gathering more clues. Alternatively, use Serve Wine to prevent weak players from doing their actions to make them look like the member of the Unseen with a bad alibi.
  • You can use Concentrated Wine to prevent Blue Dragon from harming you, for example, if The Sheriff was going to investigate you.

The Timesnatcher's Strategies


  • The Unseen gains an immediate advantage by converting a Chronomancer, since it allows the Assassin to use Two-for-One without much of a drawback. In fact, having the Mastermind out the Assassin right after he uses Two-for-One not only makes him less suspicious to the court, but it also lets the Timesnatcher take his place and kill off 2 more enemies, while the Mastermind gets to convert someone else the following night.
  • Time Snatch is a great way to get rid of the King in the late game, especially if there are no healers left. It might also not compromise your Chronomancer claim since you were only supposed to delay his death the following night, instead of the first one.
  • Dark Dimension is often best saved for the late game or, at the very least, after night 3. It is often best to coordinate with the Assassin during nights he does and doesn't bleed people.
  • Be aware that Time Snatch will be wasted if someone heals your target. It is a powerful ability with only 2 uses, so you might want to let the Assassin check for healers by bleeding a few targets before you use it. The Assassin can bleed 3 times, so do not worry if a couple of those uses don't kill anyone.
  • Keep in mind Time Snatch works for a Hunter's Wolf Companion as well as the Assassin's bleed. If you are able to convince them to wolf a BD class (especially if you've already "confirmed" that you are a Chronomancer), you might be able to finish them off sooner. If your Assassin bleeds someone else the day after, chances are healers will prioritize a certainly non-Unseen target than a person the Hunter suspected.
  • You might be able to keep healers away from bled targets by declaring you will delay their death in 2 nights. Time Snatch can then be used and justified as Unseen taking advantage of the fact that there were no healers on the target the night before you could delay the death.
  • Time Snatch should be used with a degree of caution if you've been outed as a Chronomancer; while it is of course possible that the target was killed by someone else, it's rare for people to waste time killing someone who was already bleeding, so having them die early may make people suspect a Timesnatcher.
  • If you delayed a death and didn't use Distort Reality to move it when you were still the Chronomancer you will need to come up with an explanation for why you didn't move or delay the delayed player again.

The Apostle's Strategies

Cultist Apostle.png

  • You may consider stepping up to be King if the previous King dies, as it can be harder to convince people who you were if the situation is dire for you and your team members. Especially when you transition from Noble to Apostle to Cult Leader, or even worse Mystic to Apostle to Cult Leader. Step up to be King, take all the limitations away (link minds/force accuse) so that even in those situations, you already are the King and you don't have to prove anything to them... apart from loyalty.
  • Your Mind Warp ability is best used on investigative classes. On Paladin, it will make their checks return false positives. On Princess, it will make their Flirt ability return killer/offensive even if it isn't. On Observer, they will be told that nobody visited their target and their target made no visits either.

The Cult Leader's Strategies

The Cultist Leader.png

  • The Cult:
    • The Cult faction relies exclusively on the Cult Leader to kill players. The Eradicate ability should be used sparingly and wisely as you only have two charges. You can also make players Bleed during the day, which is handy for thinning out the court faster.
    • You can have up to four Cult members, whereas the Unseen can only have three.
  • Suicide should be used if the Cult Leader keeps being occupied, jailed or is about to be executed. This allows the Cult to have another member become the Cult Leader so they can continue converting new members.
  • Abilities:
    • It's better to save your Blood of Mithras ability until after the Cult members have used up all their limited-Use abilities or when they are about to get executed the following day. Be careful however, as this ability can not be cancelled once used, so plan accordingly.
    • You should preferably aim for The Prince or The Paladin with your Eradicate ability, as they are the most dangerous classes for your faction.
    • Some nights you will need to weigh in what is more valuable, gaining an extra member or eradicating enemy players - this is largely based on the situation.
    • It is important to try to convert people based on the scenario. For example you would want to convert Support classes when you are in need of kills, and Investigative when you are needing to know the classes of others, and Offensive/Killers when you need to create chaos in order to cover yourself, and Social classes so you are able to communicate and manipulate information easier.

The Invoker's Strategies

Cultist Invoker.png


  • Your Chains of Corax ability is useful for keeping up the facade that you are unconverted, if you started as The Butler.
  • Your Strings of Mithras ability is useful if you know you are controlling a killer, for example, if you know the identity of The Reaper, you can get him to kill for you.

The Ritualist's Strategies


  • Since you are likely to be sacrificed over other cult members due to your passive, Will of Mithras, you shouldn't hesitate to use your abilities to assist the cult.
  • Use Teleportation to switch yourself or a fellow Cult member with a non-Cult player if your ally falls under suspicion during the day, but be aware that repeatedly doing so may make investigative classes aware that someone is trying to deflect investigations away and may cause more inquiries.
  • If you ever feel like your Cult Leader is going to get Occupied, using your Intensify ability on them will let them bypass Occupations/Redirections.

The Seeker's Strategies


  • At night, sometimes it's better to determine the faction before the type unless desperately seeking a certain Cultist type for The Cult Leader to Convert.
  • Combining your Gaze and Identify abilities will get you the best results, allowing you to narrow down an individual to only a few classes.
  • You should use Expose when the cult is close to having majority with few Blue Dragon alive. Making sure that doing this The Cult Leader will recruit a Blue Dragon member and get majority.
  • It is best to claim Princess when you play as The Seeker as your Gaze ability can help pass off as Flirting.

The Alchemist's Strategies


  • You win if you simply Survive. Given the fact that Emerald Potion is limited, you may want to use it on the losing faction. If the Blue Dragon is losing, help the Unseen/Cult eliminate the Blue Dragon. If the Unseen/Cult is losing, help the Blue Dragon eliminate the Unseen/Cult.
  • Knowing when to and who to use Crimson Potion on is important. Using it for the winning faction can be a massive game changer and can help you gain the trust of that faction.
  • Although it's to your advantage to convince the Blue Dragon faction that you're The Physician, you're better off letting the Unseen / Cult know that you're a neutral Alchemist so they know they don't have to kill you to win. Depending on the court, it may simply be safe to announce that you're The Alchemist, since currently (with the King's Allies ability removed) there's no special reason why a Neutral Killer would claim to be a neutral class like yours, and most courts would prefer to keep someone who can cure poison and bleeding around even if you might side against them in the long run.
    • Even if you've previously claimed The Physician, it might be beneficial to announce that you're actually The Alchemist late in the game, especially once you've proven yourself by healing. Keep in mind, however, that Unseen and Cult might still attack you to prevent you from healing people they've poisoned or bled, since removing all healers doubles the rate at which they can kill.
  • It is arguable whether using Stoneskin Potion earlier or later is better, but if a Neutral Killer is present, it may be better to use it during the early nights of the game. In 16-player games, there will always be One Neutral Killer present.
  • Early on, you should take the opportunity to heal any poisoned people you can in order to prove yourself. This both makes it easy to claim to be The Physician if possible, and ensures that you can at least avoid falling under suspicion of being a neutral killer if accused by the King. Additionally, it will be hard to claim to be The Physician in the future if you let a poisoned person die.
  • You may need to use a Stoneskin Potion after you whispered the King as the enemy faction might target you or mistaken you for being a person giving leads to the King.
  • Your goal is to survive until the end of the game; therefore, it's to your advantage to end the game as quickly as possible.
    • You have to balance your desire to successfully impersonate The Physician by healing people (or confirm yourself as a healer, at the very least) with your desire to end the game quickly by letting people die; remember that while heals can convince people you're on their side, they also make the game last longer and increase the risk that you'll run out of Stoneskin potions, get killed, or get executed before it ends.
    • Under some circumstances, it may be advantageous to use the Emerald Potion near-blindly in order to end the game as fast as possible - after all, you don't particularly care which faction wins. You can also afford to take educated guesses that, for instance, The Knight with Cold Steel cannot; if you happen to get a vital member of the Cult or Unseen, you've sped up a Blue Dragon victory, and if you hit a Blue Dragon member instead... well, the game will still end sooner. In particular, you should keep track of the number of Stoneskin potions you have left at the rate at which people are dying - when it gets near the end of the game, you might want to just start killing and shielding repeatedly to end things quickly. However, if you killed someone early in the game with your Emerald Potion, beware that the faction you targeted may antagonise with you.
    • However, exert some caution with the Emerald Potion. It carries a risk of getting killed by The Knight Defend, The Hunter's bear or getting identified as a killer by The Observer or The Drunk. For this reason, it's usually best to save your attacks with them for late in the game when most protections are gone, and to aim them at targets who are unlikely to be protected.

The Fool's Strategies



The Fool has a deft arsenal of abilities to cast suspicion on himself and to defend himself.

  • Using Deceive at the right time can be difficult to predict without your intervention, so it can be wise to make yourself seem suspicious during the day to lure Investigative classes, but you may get the unwanted attention of the The Prince or The Knight instead.
  • Use your Trollbox to make another player say something incriminating while you are on stand (e.g. you could make a random player say "I'm princess, he came up as killer/offensive". You could also make The King say "execute him" or "no wait, execute him" if you are about to get pardoned. His Majesty's words carry a lot of weight.
  • One viable strategy is convincing people you are The Scorned. You can do this by trollboxing a player into making a silly accusation against someone else, and then backing up that accusation yourself while being the first to vote up the fake target. The goal is to have Blue Dragon execute you instead under suspicion of being The Scorned.


Your sole job is to get executed, nothing more and nothing less. This can be achieved in multiple ways:

  • The Cult and Unseen would benefit from getting you executed, as it would ensure them a few nights of not being able to be voted against. They will be more than happy to vote you up.
  • If you can, try to claim a class that has had two appearances in the current game (even as multiple people claiming it), this will make them not believe you and will most likely lead to your execution.
  • Very suspicious go-to claims include: The Knight (bonus points if you say you've been guarding The King every night without providing logs), The Princess (your logs should include wrong information and/or information about people who are already dead), The Maid (your logs should contain impossible information such as royals being compatible with other royals) The Alchemist (no logs) and The Sheriff (The Mastermind's favourite claim, your logs should only include Expert Investigations and not have anyone listed as Unseen).
    • The Hunter is also a good class to claim as Fool, just don't claim it too early as Unseen/Cult (or Prince to some extent) might target you. Hunter is also somewhat easy to write terrible fake logbooks as.
  • If you believe there is an Evil King in play, if you can get yourself on stand you could claim Prince. He may use his Decide Fate ability to force execute you, scoring yourself the win. This can easily backfire, however, and the real Prince won't hesitate even a bit to execute you in jail the following night unless you can convince him that you are Blue Dragon by claiming a Hunter who was attempting to bait the King or any other occupy immune classes.

The Inquisitor's Strategies


    • It is rarely worth your time to investigate the same person twice unless you're already on your last shot of Ruthless Efficiency. Evils have very few reasons to trick an Inquisitor. Just try and slay them instead, or investigate someone else before cycling back to kill them.
    • It is unwise to randomly attempt to kill someone within the first night due to your limited charges of Ruthless Efficiency.
    • In a last resort, if you are promoted into The King, you will become a neutral king that is able to win with everyone. To attempt this, you may want to lead a lynch on the King and then put your name forward.
      • Heretics are likely to vote for an Inquisitor, since your role's disappearance will surely be a relief to them.
    • Pay extra attention to the claims people make. You will be looking for certain classes, and claims of said classes will certainly be worth an investigation.
      • The King can be of use here. If people make use of whispers to claim to him, you might make a small alliance with him by asking for Heretic roles. A King often learns to value neutral roles later in the game.
    • If you are jailed by a Prince, you will likely have to lie about your class, especially since your targets are primarily Blue Dragon.
    • Keep in mind that your targets just need to die, not necessarily by your hands. If anyone on stand claims a class you are targeting, you should try to push for an execution. If you need a Knight to die, you might want to prompt them to Cold Steel a BD member and thus commit suicide.
    • Another factor to keep in mind is that many of your targets can be converted or assassinated, which means Evils can actively contribute to your victory. Keeping yourself alive might prove harder than actually getting all Heretics killed.
    • Heretics will almost always want an Inquisitor dead. If you are on stand, claim Inquisitor and are somehow pardoned, look at the guilty votes. They will certainly be worth investigating. Heretics will often be more likely to accuse potential inquisitors if mechanical information could lead to that conclusion.
      • It should be noted, however, that Heretics aren't the only ones who want Inquisitors dead, and they alone already mean 3 votes towards your death. As Inquisitor, you should try to stay as far away from the stand as possible, since your odds of surviving trials are fairly low.
    • A Scorned can make for an unusual ally for the Inquisitor. They will never be a Heretic, their goal intersects with yours quite well, and they have no allegiance to any faction, meaning they will be quite happy to see anyone die for treason.
      • Frame and Troll Box are good tools to get rid of Heretics without murdering them, and they will help the Scorned meet the quota of executed people required for them to win.
      • If you find a Heretic, you may also have the Scorned use Disguise on them while you investigate someone else. Making them look evil and accusing them the following day will not only grant you some credibility to the court if they get executed, but it will also save you a use of Ruthless Efficiency and bring you one step closer to your goal investigation-wise.
      • Troll Box can be used to fakely make someone declare they are Inquisitor. Paying attention to whispers and votes against that person might give you a clue about one or more Heretics.
    • Be wary of Heretics fighting back. A Butler or a Drunk can occupy you, or worse, protect themselves and other Heretics. Investigators can find you and out you. Always keep in mind what the classes you are hunting are capable of.

The Mercenary's Strategies


    • The best move for The Mercenary early game is to Stand Guard on the talkative Blue Dragon and the players sharing information with The King, Prince, or the court.
    • Keep track of players who are bleeding, you can gain an easy Brilder by using your Stand Guard ability on them because a Healer class is most likely trying to heal them.
    • In the late game The Mercenary really stands out and is a vital part of The Blue Dragon victory if they decide to side with them. The best idea is if you are sure that you have a Good King ask him for assistance, you want to be coordinating with the King on who to guard and when. Remember that you can prevent a late game convert on someone as well by using your Stand Guard ability.
    • Another, more risky strategy, is to claim Sellsword at the end of the day. You can announce that you're using the Sellswords Stonewall ability on a specific number, then proceed to Shield that number. You should only use this strategy as a "last resort" and should also watch out that there's no potential threat alive that could kill you (e.g. a Knight using their Cold Steel ability on you.)

The Possessor's Strategies

The Possessor-HD.png

  • You should try to imitate your Possess victim, as to not draw suspicion. Act like your victim and keep your logs consistent. Do NOT be lazy when it comes to writing your logs, as any sudden change of adding logs can lead to an instant execution by a sharp minded Noble/Blue Dragon.
  • If you Possess a member of the Cult/Unseen, that person will not show up at the nightly meeting. If they know that person is not imprisoned or reaped, the evil faction will be able to deduce that you are The Possessor. Another way the evil faction may identify you is if there are only two Cult and you've possessed The Cult Leader (the remaining Cult will become The Cult Leader and realize you must be The Possessor), or if there are three Unseen and you possess The Assassin (the remaining Unseen that isn't The Mastermind will become The Assassin, again proving to them that you are The Possessor).
  • One way players may counter you is by exchanging passwords, and then having each other repeat the password back again each morning in a whisper. If you possess someone and then get asked for the password, this could be your downfall since you won't know the correct answer, unless you have read the whispers with Puppet Strings.
  • Remember that your Puppet Strings ability does not occupy the target player, so it can't be used to block them from attacking or investigating you.
  • You have no reason to be afraid of The Knight when using Puppet Strings, as the target you control will be killed by the Knight, rather than you.
  • You should always use Facelift before your first possession to avoid alerting everyone that a possessor is present. One strategy is to disguise your corpse as another neutral killer (either The Sorcerer or The Reaper), so they'll think that the neutral killer is dead and won't be on guard for you until everyone else is gone.
  • If you are going to leave behind a Sorcerer or Reaper corpse, it may be best to wait a few nights (or to do it on your second swap, leaving something innocuous on your first), since people will likely be suspicious if a Sorcerer or Reaper dies out of the blue in the first few nights.
  • If you want to make people believe the killer is The Reaper, one option is to remain completely silent (and not vote) the day before you swap out, giving the impression that you were reaped. Obviously, this won't work if you intend to use Facelift to leave a Reaper corpse behind.
    • You can couple this with using Puppet Strings to send attacks at anyone who was silent and inactive the day before, to give the impression of a series of reaped kills.
  • Facelifting as a unique Blue Dragon class may convince Blue Dragon to execute anyone who claimed that class. If you've facelifted as The Hunter you may get the real Hunter killed in this way, and his first accuser will be killed as well by Retribution. 2 birds with 1 stone! If The Hunter is instead executed by The Prince, The Prince will then lose his executions.
  • Consider leaving bogus info in your logs when you Facelift to cause confusion and get Blue Dragon members to execute each other. You might also Facelift as a Drunk after having recorded in your logs that you successfully debauched a Blue Dragon member who claimed an occupy immune class.
  • The best people to possess are those who have confirmed themselves, but whose abilities aren't ones that allow for continuous confirmation - for instance, The Sheriff or The Paladin after they've successfully caught someone, or The Knight or The Court Wizard after they've been confirmed by events. This becomes less effective once everyone has started to suspect a possessor. Try not to be greedy and get an Alchemist killed one way or another however as she can win with you regardless.
  • You can possess the king. However, you won't be able to use his Royal Finger ability, which makes it easy for you to be called out once people grow suspicious; generally, it's only viable when nobody suspects a Possessor.
  • Additionally, it's dangerous to possess the king near the end of the game (especially if you've tricked people into thinking that the neutral killer was The Reaper or The Sorcerer via Facelift), since people's first instinct if the game doesn't end when it should is to assume that the king is of the enemy faction.
  • Since Puppet Strings allows you to see whispers to and from your first target, you can easily claim Noble in the early game. However, since Maid Spy is changed, your cover could get blown up easily early game, causing you to get executed by Prince or get targeted by the court.

The Reaper's Strategies


  • The Icy Touch ability is useful to prevent a player from defending themselves when about to be executed for Treason. However, if he survives the day, it will notify the player that the Reaper is in play, and it costs you two of your fairly limited souls.
  • The best type of people to use your Reap ability on are against either someone that is going to kill you or is capable of Occupying you.
  • When a player is reaped, he will appear as if he were still alive the following day to the court. To prevent the Prince from jailing an empty husk that's going to die anyway or to prevent other Classes from wasting their night, the court can initiate a reaper check: Everyone types 'f' in chat to confirm that they are still alive. The person that doesn't reply at all is likely to be reaped. Or alternatively get someone up and pardon immediately, and count the players who abstained, giving you the indication that they may be in fact reaped.
  • It's often in your best interest to hold off on using Gather Darkness until you have three souls. Staying alive is usually more important.
  • Generally, it is best to take out an even number of members from each faction, to weaken both sides at the same time.
  • An risky and unconventional strategy is to kill the current king and royal bloods to become king. However this is best done when the other evil faction or royal blood classes has perished early or when you're sure that there's no hope of winning as a Reaper, good luck being Psycho King however...
  • An aggressive strategy involves eliminating the first King. So gain a random reap kill first night, Gather Darkness the next day and Reap the King in the second night. If you fail to reap someone from the first night, you may want to back down and abort this strategy as you might die to a Knight's Defend should he choose to guard the King on the second night.
  • If there are 6 or less total players left at the table, you can prevent them from putting you on trial even if everyone knows who you are by reaping one and chilling another. This is because a majority vote is required to execute you during the day, but this majority can't be obtained since half of the players cannot vote against you (the reaped player + the chilled player + yourself). Careful in regards to The Noble and their converted counterparts as they are able to use Force Vote while chilled and are able to use it on Reaped/Chilled players.

The Scorned's Strategies


  • Your Incriminate ability is best used every night, so you can always take advantage of an execution during the Day.
  • Your Disguise ability can be used to make anyone appear as a different class when they are executed during the day. You can use this to your advantage by claiming a class like The Sheriff and disguising your target as The Assassin to then "find" them as Unseen. This ability will be your strongest as the court is more likely to believe you after your first disguised target is executed.
  • If you ever get Occupied or find yourself visiting the Imprisoned target, the last person you marked will remained marked until you mark another target, counting towards your win condition if they get executed during the day. However, any frames or disguises will not persist, so if an investigative checks your marked target, they will appear as Blue Dragon and if they get executed during the day, they will appear as their real class.
  • You can use your Troll Box ability on the King to make them say "Up target, got a claim they are unseen/cult" or something similar to get a mark executed easily.
  • Be very careful when claiming a fake Blue Dragon class with an attempt to get one of your mark executed, as the King might ask someone to check you before going forth with your accusations or even worse; your target managed to prove their innocence and meeting your fate shortly after his/her pardon.
  • If the King dies, you may get talkative with the next King via whispers and convince them of being an investigator yourself. Constantly give them not suspicious findings and at some point tell them that one of your targets is suspicious. This may work if you can convince the King that you are the only investigator left when the other investigators are already dead or by chance not so talkative for a while now.
  • If you have gotten zero marks executed by late game, and the King is dead at the same time, you may step up to become King; tell everyone who you are, who your marks were, so by chance they will sympathize with you and maybe you get to claim the crown to avoid losing!

The Sellsword's Strategies


  • If you are in a game where the Prince wants to kill all neutrals, you'd best claim as as the Alchemist so the Prince wastes an Execute
  • It is very effective you waste the time of healers if you Stonewall players who claims bleeding/poisoned.
  • It is wise to Stonewall players that are quiet and most likely to be investigated, this would either result in investigative classes wasting another night on target or giving up and looking elsewhere.
  • Since you can win while dead if the Cult/Unseen are in a dilemma that they can't get past with their own numbers accuse a Hunter claim or another important BD class and get them executed in court and sacrifice yourself for the Evil faction and greatly help them achieve victory.
  • If it is a Cult game and you know that an outed Paladin will be smiting another confirmed Blue Dragon player, it is wise to Stonewall the Smite target so it prevents the Paladin from successfully using said ability.

The Sorcerer's Strategies


  • Place Walking Bombs on targets that do not pose a direct threat to you, but are vital in some way or are active in court such as Sheriffs, Paladins, and Court Wizards. Any investigatives that can catch you such as Maids and Princesses if you claim a non Killer/Offensive class should be killed at night.
  • Consider placing Walking Bombs on royals such as Nobles and Drunks. While you cannot put Walking Bomb on The King directly, you can put a Walking Bomb on someone who later becomes King.
  • Similarly, whenever possible, you want to ensure that one of your Walking Bomb targets becomes King. Place a Walking Bomb on anyone you think is likely to end up as The King. Vote for them, and argue for them if you can think of a way to do so.
  • During the night early in the game, use Magic Missile on Blue Dragon healers such as the Physician so that your bombs do not get healed or delayed, or on Investigative classes that can find you early on such as Maid, Princess, or Observer. Mid-game, just before you Detonate, kill members of the evil team so that after you detonate, the Cult/Unseen do not gain the majority and kill you! Also remember to eliminate classes such as Butler or Prince that can occupy you before your critical Detonate.
  • Consider either detonating first around Night 3/4, or saving your detonate till the end-game. If you choose to detonate multiple times, place Walking Bombs on people active in Court or powerful Blue Dragon classes such as the Sheriff/Paladin. If you are saving your detonate till the end-game, place Walking Bombs on classes likely to survive until the end-game, such as the Mystic or Hunter
  • Get neutrals on your side. Help the Scorned/Inquisitor kill their targets.
  • If you ever find yourself being accused, once you are on stand, you can use your Escape Fate ability to avoid being executed during the day. This works eapecially well if The Prince and any Butlers are dead, since you are free to use your Detonate ability.

Strategies By Faction

The Unseen's Strategies

Unseen Win Screen.jpg

  • If you are converted to the Unseen and are not The Assassin, consider using your former reputation to convince Blue Dragon to execute one of their own. For example, if you are a Butler converted to Servant, you might want to claim to have successfully served someone who claimed an occupy immune class. This could lead to their hanging that day and your subsequent execution by The Prince that night, allowing The Mastermind to make another convert the following night. If all goes according to plan, you have sacrificed yourself in order to eliminate a member of the Blue Dragon who cannot be replaced, while The Mastermind will convert someone else, restoring The Unseen to their original numbers.

The Cult's Strategies

Cult Win Screen.png

  • The Cult faction has a radically different approach towards success than the Unseen faction. Whereas the Unseen always has one killing class that can kill someone at night (the Assassin), the Cult mostly relies on its Cult Leader to dish out death and destruction. Indeed, the Apostle, Invoker, Ritualist and Seeker all lack a killing ability and rely on different means to destroy Blue Dragon.

The Cult leader can use Eradicate at night to kill off players, but it is common practice in the first nights to try to convert Blue Dragon classes first instead of killing them. This is due to several reasons:

  • The Cult can have up to four members and it quite needs those numbers.
  • The Cult Leader does not have night or occupy immunity, and can be immediately detected by investigative classes (unlike the Unseen Mastermind). This means he is at much greater risk of dying.
  • The Cult Leader's Eradicate ability only has three uses, and is only rechargeable by sacrificing a fellow Cult member. This means that you should choose your targets carefully.

Because of these aforementioned reasons, most players will usually suspect the existence of a Cult faction when no one has died during the first night(s).

The Cult Leader's day ability, Rupture, allows the Cult to have some degree of killing power. It can be used at any time during the day (not during a trial though), but the best time to use it on someone is just before a non-Cult player is going to get voted up and stand trial (making them more suspicious).

Special abilities

The other Cult members boast some powerful abilities, albeit not killing abilities, that can alter the course of a game. Here are some strategies employed by the various classes:

  • The Ritualist is a powerful class that can cause chaos in the court with its Teleport ability or using its Intensify ability to help The Cult Leader bypass Occupations and Redirections. If The Cult Leader is low on Eradicate charges it is wise to Sacrifice the Ritualist first as you gain an extra charge from it with their Will of Mithras passive.
  • The Seeker is the information gatherer of the Cult, and can relatively easily pose as a Paladin or as a Princess to the court.
  • The Apostle can also cause chaos by making investigative checks unreliable. Using its Mind Warp ability, it can make anyone look like a member of the Cult to classes like The Paladin or The Maid. This can cause the court to question the investigatives if the target they find as an evil flips as Blue Dragon the next day. They can also use their Sinister Echoes ability to make players say things that they would normally not say. This can cause confusion in the court. Making players claim multiple classes is one way to use this ability to cause suspicion towards that player.
  • The Invoker has the easiest confirmable claim and can easily pass off as a member of the Blue Dragon by claiming Butler with her Chains of Corax ability, or Drunk with her Strings of Mithras and force paladins away from The Cult.

The Blue Dragon's Strategies


  • The Blue Dragon is the good faction and by far the most numerous one at the start of a game. Its members rely on sharp wits and deduction and will root out evil-doers from the court by voting them up during the day, though the faction also possesses some limited night killing power (The Knight, The Hunter, The Prince). A dynamic and active Blue Dragon is the biggest threat imaginable to the Unseen/Cult and Neutral killers.