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Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Sage/The Ritualist

The Court Wizard is a Support class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

The Court Wizard has the ability to swap players at night, redirecting attacks, conversions and investigations alike. This is an enormously powerful but hard to use power.

If a Blue Dragon ally is recently revealed, they are probably going to be killed or converted. Try using your Tornado ability to swap targets of the confirmed Blue Dragon with one you believe to be suspicious to get them to accidentally kill their own evils or fail at a convert attempt. The safest way to protect from converts is to Clear Mind the conversion target.

Don't forget that Tornado can also get your allies accidentally killed, if used incorrectly! If you do this, be sure to apologize to the dead.

Although there are more ways to use Tornado as the Sage converted counterpart, there are still many ways to use your Tornado ability, only limited to your creativity.

Support-Type Support Abilities






Clear Mind
Clear Mind Day 3 Focusing your thoughts, make a player immune to conversion tonight.
Image Pending Icy Veins Day 3 Intensify will render your target death immune, in addition to its normal effects tonight.
Court Wizard - Intensify
Intensify Night Fortify runes on target player, allowing them to bypass both occupation and redirection tonight. Your target will know they were intensified.
  • Can't target the King
  • Ability can be enhanced (see day abilities)
Court Wizard - Tornado
Tornado Night 3 Target 2 players. Redirect all players targeting either of your targets to the other. You will be immune to occupy and redirect to yourself.
  • Target A becomes target B / or the other way.
  • Redirection conflicts may fail.
  • Cannot target the King.


  • Clear Mind will inform you if your target was saved from conversion, even if the target was immune to conversion naturally.
  • If two Court Wizards Tornado the same person, the Court Wizard higher on the player list will get priority and swap the target first. The second Court Wizard will get redirected. As an example:
    • The two Court Wizards are [5] and [15]. [5] decides to swap [2] and [10] tonight, [15] decides to swap [2] and [12]. The result will be:

For [5]: Swap [2] < > [10] – Success.

For [15]: Swap [2] < > [12] – Redirected from [2] to [10] – Swap [10] < > [12].


  • The Court Wizard has a very powerful ability, Tornado, which can make Assassins attack themselves, make conversion fail and redirect attacks towards other suspicious players. It can, however, also hinder The Blue Dragon players by rendering players protected by Knights or Physicians vulnerable and interfere with investigation results.
    • Players visited a target of Tornado will know their target has been switched, and who with.
    • Generally, it is best to use Tornado instead of Empower on the first night, since this is the most reliable way to confirm yourself. If you are put on trial and post logs without any successful uses of Tornado, many players may execute you on the principle that lying about having used Empower is too easy. In Unseen games, if people were redirected by your Tornado, they know that you at least started the game as either Court Wizard or Ritualist.
  • The only other classes in the game to be able to swap players is the Ritualist and the converted The Sage. They will accordingly often claim Court Wizard.
  • Using the Court Wizard's Intensify and Icy Veins abilities, you can really swing the game into BDs favour. But you have to make sure that it targets the right classes. For example, finding The Butler or The Drunk is ideal as then you can have them deal with tricky scum while staying alive. Using all resources available to your advantage.
  • Out a successful as soon as you can. They can help prove you, and occasionally your aid target too.

Lore: The Court Wizard & The Sage

“Ancient knowledge of fire and ice shall ward off foes of any kinds, for I am the staff of the king.”

"I find solace in my warded room at night, but fear this may be my last. I used the last of my magic to summon forth a runed spell of protection to guard me this night - I hope it will last. 

At first light, I found myself still breathing! But I discovered those closest to me begin to fall without the faintest sound of fading life. I suspect our King is not who he says. Those that speak up are at risk to be executed for treason against the realm. I have already seen too many falsely slain by coercion and trickery. 

Sun sets and I swiftly scribe in my journal my final thoughts to leave behind for the others -- That the king is not of our faction -- but is a traitor! ...a member of the Unseen.. My brothers, I fear you may be next--"

Night Room: Wizard's Room

Throne of Lies - Court Wizard Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - Court Wizard Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Court Wizard&#039;s Room


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