Throne of Lies

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Conversion

The Cult Leader is a Guaranteed Unique Special class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. As the head of the Cult of Mithras, The Cult Leader is Unique and will appear in every game where the Cult is present.

The Cult Leader will always be paired with another member of the Cult. He will be able to convert a player into a member of the Cult every other night. If The Cult Leader tries to convert a class that has Conversion Immunity, he can try again the following night on another target. If The Cult Leader is killed, the oldest member of the Cult will become The Cult Leader.

*Note: From Day 4 the Cult Leader is now able to commit suicide. This should only be used if necessary. Using this for no good reason will result in punishment.

Special-Type.png Special Abilities

Blood of Mithras.png
Blood of Mithras
Sacrifice target Cult member to gain 2 charges of Eradicate. Other members gain 1 charge of their 1st ability. This can not be cancelled once used. Not usable until Day 3.
Cult Leader - Rupture.png
Target player's veins rupture, causing them to bleed. They will die in 2 nights.
  • Healable.
Suicide Special 1 Commit suicide at the end of the night. Should only be used when necessary, otherwise will result in punishment.
  • This ability is not available until Day 4+


Attempt to convert target player into joining the Cult. If conversion fails 3 times in a row, you will convert a random convertable player.
  • 1-Day cooldown on success. Max 4 living members.
Unleash ancient power within Mithras, attacking 2 target players at once.


  • Blood of Mithras is not available until Day 3.
  • You cannot target yourself with Blood of Mithras.
  • You cannot sacrifice a member of the Cult using Blood of Mithras if they are jailed by The Prince. Blood of Mithras will completely fail, regardless if the jailed member of the Cult is killed by Execute from The Prince.
  • Rupture has no effect on classes with Bleed Immunity, such as The Physician.
  • Rupture cannot be used while a player is on trial.
  • Suicide is not available until Day 4.
  • Suicide is guaranteed to kill you at the end of the night, even if you are healed, occupied or jailed by The Prince.
  • Brainwash will randomly target a convertible player if it were to fail for the third time in a row.
  • You cannot be healed if The Paladin attacks you using Smite.


  • The Cult Leader is commonly referred to as "CL" by the community.
  • The Cult Leader, unlike The Mastermind from the Unseen, does not have Death Immunity nor Bleed Immunity. This means you are vulnerable to dying from attacks and can be bled.
  • Blood of Mithras should not be frequently used. It is a useful ability when the time arrives for it. Situations to use Blood of Mithras can include:
    • When members of the Cult have used up all charges for their abilities.
    • You suspect a member of the Cult will be executed on trial the next day.
    • The Cult is full, so you want to sacrifice the most suspicious member of the Cult to free up room, allowing you to convert another player into the Cult using Brainwash.
  • Rupture acts as the second way of killing for the Cult. Just like with Eradicate, use it wisely.
    • Rupture is very handy for thinning out the court faster.
    • Be sure to discover core classes to use Rupture on to strengthen the chance of Cult winning.
  • Using Rupture early in the game is usually a bad idea because classes that can cure bleeds such as The Physician or The Alchemist will almost certainly be around to cure it. This gives these classes a chance to confirm themselves to be allies of the Blue Dragon to the court.
    • You also confirm the bleeding player to be a likely member of the Blue Dragon on top of this.
    • Using Rupture when these classes are dead is a good idea.
  • Using Rupture can distract classes that can cure bleeds away from more important players, such as The Prince. Most of them will want to cure bleeds from bleeding player, to confirm themselves as a member of the Blue Dragon. While these classes are trying to cure bleeds, use the distraction to take out the important players before they finish.
  • If you have The Invoker, consider using Rupture to bleed a player, and then have The Invoker stop a class that can cure bleeds with either Chains of Corax or Strings of Mithras at night.
    • This can put suspicion on the player that is attempting to cure the bleeding player
    • This is an effective method for killing players through Rupture if there are classes that can cure bleeds still alive.
  • Suicide should be used if The Cult Leader keeps being occupied, jailed or is about to be executed. This allows the Cult to have another member become The Cult Leader so they can continue converting new members into the Cult and kill more members of the court.
  • You can have up to four Cult members, whereas the Unseen can only have three.
    • Use this to your advantage to help the Cult gain majority over the court faster.
  • It is important to use Brainwash to convert players and classes based on the scenario. Different scenarios will call for different players and classes to be converted into the Cult.
    • If you need want to halt the plans of players outside the Cult, consider using Brainwash to convert a Killer or an Offensive class into The Invoker.
    • If you are struggling to locate important classes such as The Prince or a Neutral Killer, consider using Brainwash to convert an Investigative class into The Seeker.
    • If you are need of kills or require extra help for your plans, consider using Brainwash to convert a Support class into The Ritualist.
    • If you need to cause chaos, distract the court and manipulate information, consider using Brainwash to convert a Social class into The Apostle.
    • Finally, if you are generally not sure who to convert into the Cult using Brainwash, try to go for players who are confirmed to be a member of the Blue Dragon or those who are generally trusted in the court. Alternatively, ask your teammates for help.
  • If you find a player who is immune to conversion through using Brainwash on them, consider telling the rest of the Cult, so they can all plan accordingly.
  • Eradicate is commonly referred to as "Erad" by the community.
  • The Cult relies exclusively on The Cult Leader to kill players. Spend time to think and plan while using Eradicate, you only have 3 charges of it, so use it wisely! Don't waste it.
  • You should preferably aim to kill classes which pose as huge problems against you and the Cult, such as The Prince or The Paladin with Eradicate.
  • Some nights, you will be forced to weigh in your options and figure out which is more valuable. Using Brainwash to convert a player into the Cult or killing 2 players using Eradicate.
    • Using Brainwash to convert a player into the Cult can sometimes be more beneficial than using Eradicate to kill 2 players, as you will give you less information to the court this way with no players being dead, and you may expose yourself to new tools and options that can be used to further expand your plans.
    • Using Eradicate to kill 2 players can sometimes be more beneficial than using Brainwash to convert a player into the Cult, as you are provided with the opportunity to remove players that pose as threats to your plans. Keep in mind that killing people can reveal risky information, in the form of the dead players' logs, which might be used against you.
  • The Chronomancer, The Court Wizard, The Maid, The Paladin, The Physician or The Princess are all good fake claims for The Cult Leader. These are classes that are easy to fake, but will help you live long enough to grow the Cult to a strong point.

Lore: Whispers of the Gods

A wounded man walked slowly down the end of the crimson corridor, passing body after body, out of Castle Demwir; incantations echoing through his head, "Who--what the hell is Corax? ...Certainly not another one of those voices, I hope"... "Mithras... this other voice: what are you? How do I even know your name?"

Bursts of crimson red rushed gallantly to the top of the snow after each footstep. "I must stop wasting time, for I have important business to attend to". "NO! You're mad! Just get out, already!", the man screeched while clenched his head, writhing in an internal struggle as he ground his teeth in agony. Recollecting his thoughts, he stepped further into the frosty midwinter's evening, discovering only the stinging down his face by the chilled air from clawing his head. He had made up his mind -- or had it been made for him? He was to leave this place and find proof! Proof that these "night whispers" of men--no, GODS-- existed outside his head. He knew they were real, but could only convince others with blood. However, there were no more in Castle Demwir to be convinced...

Throughout the night, he walked, gazing out into the darkness. "Masters!", he cried into the night, "Prove to me that you are real and that I am not a fool for trusting you!". There was only the eerie sound of silence. "I see! Of course, I understand". The man cried into the inky blackness of the night, "I must prove my worth to you: An army; a sacrifice...". He looked back and saw nothing but the night and the gazes from whatever lurks nearby the edge of the gorge. He knew he could not turn back. There was nothing at Castle Demwir; not anymore. He had to keep moving forward. The mist spread aside to reveal a vast structure.... Castle Adiart. He broke into a sprint as he ran towards the grand, sand-stoned castle, but swiftly collapsed from lack of energy, for he had not eaten in days. He collapsed by the gate as a Butler of Castle Adiart rushed him in and, seeing his robes, considered him to be of a noble status. Even the ice was too dense to even gather the tiniest water droplets. "How did this man even survive...?", the Butler questioned in his head.

As this was after-hours, the Butler brought nourishment and wine for both himself and for the waking man. He sat next to him, listening to the ramblings of a mad man about some unheard names: Mithras and Corax, and how he journeyed from Castle Demwir on his own accord. The Butler smiled as he drank his wine, gazing at the chalice he drank from that he never recalled seeing before. His white wine appeared red in the dark tavern - perhaps an illusion from the dancing flames of the fireplace. The man slowly leaned in towards the Butler, frozen with a smile, and whispered in an unfamiliar tone, "You... my flesh puppet -- you know what needs to be done". They both leaned back and merrily sipped their wine in silence as their crimson eyes continued dancing to the reflective glow of fireplace embers.

~Lore by Jasmine and assisted by Xblade

 Night Room: [Shared] Cult Room

The Empty Cult room.


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