Death and Dying

The Dead refers to any player which has been killed during the course of the game.

A player can end up being through any of these means:

  • Suicide - Some classes commit suicide (The Knight and The Butler) if a certain condition is met while some classes (The Assassin and The Cult Leader) can choose to commit suicide. Additionally, leaving the game will make you commit suicide at the end of the next night.

The Graveyard

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

While dead, players will appear in the graveyard at night and can somehow chat freely, this chat will appear in a ghostly texture. Some reports have included sightings of The Reaper, who is rumored to reside below a passage deep beneath one of the graveyard monoliths. No soul has ever returned from finding out for themselves -- at least, never returned with their soul intact.

After Death

Dead players can chat with the other dead players. And guess who will live and die.

  • During the day, they can guess who will die that night.
  • During the night, they can guess who will be executed the next day.
  • The amount you win from a guess will be based on how many players are alive at the time of their bet.
  • If a player dies from bleeding, poison, disconnection, sacrifice, or if a class besides the Knight commits suicide, you will not lose or win any gold.
  • They are also able to leave the game early, receiving all of the gold they would have earned if they watched the game to its completion.

There is no way to communicate to the living once you are dead.

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