Throne of Lies
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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converted Class Summary[]

Original Class: The Knight

The Enforcer is a Support class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be The Knight, but was converted by The Mastermind.

The Enforcer is one of the few classes that has the ability to protect others, along with The King and their Blue Dragon counterpart, The Knight.

He can protect the Unseen faction during the Night phase by giving up his life for theirs with his Protection ability.

His Frenzy ability will break through Occupation, Healing and Night Immunity.

Support-Type Support Abilities[]






Protection Night 3 Stand guard, occupying everyone targeting an Unseen faction member.
Frenzy Night 2 Guarantees the Assassin will kill their target. Bypasses all forms of protection.
  • Bypasses Imprison


  • Frenzy will allow The Assassin to kill someone even if they wouldn't otherwise be able to visit, such as if the target was imprisoned by The Prince or someone guarded by The Mercenary.
  • Protection functions mechanically identical to The Mercenary's Stand Guard.
  • Frenzy will not allow you to bypass the protection of The Reaper's souls; they will still survive as long as they have at least one soul remaining.
  • When you use Frenzy, The Assassin will bypass everything (Heals, Chronomancer's Time Warp, Imprison, any occupation used on the Assassin, Stand Guard, Concenctrated Wine, Death Immunity, Knight's Guard) except the Mercenary Shield and any redirection used on them.


  • Your Frenzy ability is extremely useful for taking out a high profile target like the Prince or the King. Your Assassin can use his 2-for-1 ability while you are using your Frenzy to double the damage.

Lore: Bravest In The Land[]

The Royal Caravan trotted along the dusty streets near the southern edge of the castle wall with Sir Epsilon, the leader of the King’s Guard, at the head. His polished armor shone bright in the sun and his ceremonial crest featured bright blue, red and green flowers, each representing a victorious battle.

His white horse was unsullied by the clouds of dust and he kept his head tall as his braided mane flowed down the right side of the stallions’ neck.

The local kids gathered around to get a glimpse of the brave Knights whose names they learned in school. The armored warriors of the realm reached down from the great heights of their mount to touch the children upon their head as they strolled past.

Little Guinevere ran out between her friends and darted into the street for a closer look. Sir Epsilon quickly halted the procession. The handsomest man in the land removed his helmet and reached down for the young, auburn-haired girl’s hand.

Through the window of the main carriage, the Princess watched. Sir Epsilon gently ushered the little girl away and the Princess cast a flirtatious smile towards her Knight.

Young Guinevere was awestruck by the size of the horses and the armored Knights until she lost sight of them in the cloud of dust. She caught just a glimpse of the Princess’ smirk before Edward, Guinevere’s older brother, grabbed her by the shoulder and whisked her away.

She ran the rest of the way home, flew up the stairs and out the window onto the roof. She sat in a familiar spot and stared out above the castle walls.

The Unseen Enforcer stalked from tree to tree, using the noise of the caravan as cover. The enormous armor hardly fit behind the largest elm, but as if by magic, the Enforcer stayed in the shadows.

Sir Epsilon noticed a fallen-tree ahead in the road and called on the party to stop well before it.

“On your guard.”

Epsilon drew on Gyflym, his legendary longsword, and called on his Lieutenant, Sir Andres, to examine the path ahead.

The blonde-haired warrior walked cautiously towards the tree and with a quick glance could tell it had been sawn. The Unseen Enforcer leapt from the hiding spot behind Andres and fired a long spear. The glancing blow injured the brave Knight and threw him to the ground alongside the fallen tree.

The Enforcer turned attention towards the Royal Caravan. Sir Epsilon’s two Captains charged with their swords drawn. The Enforcer artfully dodged their attacks and with seemingly unnatural quickness, parried Sir Drake’s thrust and wounded the great champion.

Sir Babish saw an opening and swung his sword upon the blackened armor of the hulking Enforcer. His forged-steel blade shattered against it. Still in shock, Sir Babish was taken-upon by the frightful warrior, who began beating him with his hands.

With one quick look towards his Princess, Sir Epsilon left her side to join the fray. He knocked the Enforcer off of Babish with one great kick and leveled Gyflym at the blackened heart of his old friend.

“There is no armor that can stand against this cold steel when it is held by the bravest in the land. Your black magic only serves to further tarnish your reputation.”

“You are not as powerful as you think,” croaked the Enforcer, formerly known as Doamnă. “The bravery of those inside Castle Adiart wanes. The only thing we need now is a Royal sacrifice.”

They angrily clashed swords. The thunderous sounds echoed through the land. Epsilon marveled at the power of his enemy. Each blow from the mighty sword came crashing down like a thousand waves along the shore.

Sir Epsilon attempted to evade one of the Enforcer’s thrusts but was snagged by the roots at his feet. Doamnă’s first killing strike was barely evaded and Epsilon scurried along the ground with his sword behind in the dust.

“Make peace with your Gods,” said the Enforcer, “For this is the last time you will speak to them.”

The Enforcer lifted the blade for a final killing blow. The cold steel ran through the chest and split the blackened armor at its center. The Enforcer’s blood dripped slowly onto Sir Epsilon until the Princess removed Gyflym with a solid thrust and a boot to the back.

“Are you Ok, my love?” asked the Princess as she rushed to her fallen Knight. She removed his helmet, wiped the sweat from his brow and gave him a passionate kiss.

As the sun faded behind the castle walls, Guinevere heard her mother call for supper. She opened her eyes, gave one last look at the Emerald Forest and scurried back through the window.

--Loremaster i42-Thunder

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