Throne of Lies

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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The King is a Guaranteed Unique Special class that belongs to a Random faction with the objective of that faction.

He can not be investigated and will not appear to Unseen or Cult members as a member of their faction. He can not be attacked by Blue Dragon Killer classes, or The Alchemist.

The initial King will be assigned to Blue Dragon (65% chance of appearing) or Cult/Unseen (35% chance of either appearing, only if the faction is present).

If the King did not survive the night, a self-nomination process is started to find a replacement to lead the court. All classes can step forward to nominate themselves to replace the King. If only one person steps forward, they instantly become the King. If two or more people step forward, a voting ballot to choose the next King from the candidates will be started. The candidates will have time to convince the court and try to get votes needed to become the new King. Any votes on Royal classes will be counted twice, so they have a higher likelihood of becoming king.

If there is no candidate after two consecutive rounds of self-nomination, a vacuum of power occurs, where there will be no king for the rest of the game. In the late game if there are less than 5 players alive after a King's death, there will be no more nominations for King.

Special-Type.png Special Abilities

Can talk at all points in a trial.
The Royal Finger.png
The Royal Finger
Your current nomination for treason will count twice.
Decide Fate.png
Decide Fate
Decide an accused player's fate.
  • If used to trigger Hunter's Retribution, King will be targeted with the arrow
Improved Safeguard
Have a safeguard protect target player, granting them death immunity for the night. Can target self.
  • Elected King -1 charge
  • This ability does not count as visiting
King - Allies.png
Close Allies
Discover a player's class type and if they are a member of the Unseen.
  • Only the starting Evil King has this ability.
  • This ability does not count as visiting.


  • The starting King is always player number 1.
  • You cannot use both The Royal Finger and Decide Fate on the same day.
  • The King's name will always be Golden when they speak in chat.
  • The Noble's Gossip ability and The Aristocrat's Intrigue cannot see feedback for your Guards!, nor Allies.
  • The Unseen King will be able to find the Mastermind before N4 using Allies.


  • Be sure to look like you're doing something with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Passive/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
    • Try to lead the court down the wrong path, if you checked someone with Allies and know they aren't a part of your team, then use leads on them to waste the court's time.
    • Try to find reasons for the court to get the court to kill someone you know isn't a member of your team, such as the Sheriff (not finding any members of the unseen, being one of multiple sheriffs) or the Knight (knight claims are "suspicious", they have no confirmed Defends)
  • Decide Fate can be used early in the game when you are an Evil King/Cult King. If someone claims Prince or another powerful Blue Dragon class while on trial, it can be a very good idea to decide their fate. Even if it means your death, it will benefit your faction greatly.
    • Remember that it is very suspicious to not use the Royal Finger, And people will likely figure it out that you aren't using it because it is likely you are trying to use Decide Fate on a target like the Prince. Consider saving your charge of Decide Fate for later.
  • When playing as an Evil King, try to let the Unseen/Cult know you are their ally, for example, by fake-claiming distracted.
  • As a Unseen King/Cult King, it might be a good idea to eliminate The Butlers as they can poison you, get an Alchemist on your side, to protect you from the Butler's Poisoned Wine.
  • The Royal Finger is a useful ability for showing allies exactly who to vote for, or splitting votes or misdirecting the Blue Dragon as an Unseen King/Cult King.

Lore: The Unseen Path of Corruption

The Royal blood that flows through this man that challenges the throne is that of

Revamped Unseen king.png

the Unseen faction. His heart is as black as the dungeon chambers that stretch far beneath the kingdom. His eyes glowing of deceit, as if already devouring the souls of the people he lays sight upon – for he is no king of men, but a harbinger of death and a slave-master to both loyal servants and enemies alike.

Lore: The Crown of the Cult


True to his subjects and loyal to a God. The King, as a Cultist, must shepard his wayward flock into the loving embrace of Mithras. He is not evil nor malicious but disappointed in the path his children and court have taken. With the sage wisdom of his beloved Cult Leader subtly by his side, he sets about amending the ways of his skeptical subjects.

After all, a King must look out for his people - and the only fitting future for his kingdom is to join with Mithras, lest a fate far worse befall them all. The disappointment the King endures does not mean that he is without mercy, however. His subjects are given every opportunity to join his righteous path. Only in their refusal is their life forfeit and, only then, would they serve as either blood or as body.

-- Loremaster Magnasword2

Night Room: The Royal Quarters


Throne of Lies - King's Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

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