The Handmaiden

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Objective: Defeat any factions which wish to do the Unseen harm.

Class Summary

 Converted From: The Maid

The Handmaiden is an Investigative class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

Investigative-Type.png Investigative Abilities






Analyze Night Test 2 players, if they are the same class type, discover their classes.
Prying Servants Night 2 Discover who visited target player on the night they died.
  • Doesn't count as visiting


  • The Handmaiden can Analyze players to test if they're the same class type. If they are, the Handmaiden can see both of their classes.
  • The Handmaiden can also determine who visited players on the night they died using Prying Servants.


  • As Handmaiden, because of the Maid checking 2 people in one night. It is a good idea to say 2 Blue Dragon are incompatible, this is good because it incriminates two people, plus by the time both of them are dead, and you get killed for getting 2 Blue Dragon killed, the Mastermind can convert another player
  • Be wary of Observers! They can see you visit 2 targets, while a non-converted Maid only visits one player each night.
  • Analyze can be best used to with the Prince or Assassin with someone suspected of being the Neutral Killer, because they're both of the Killer class type.
  • At night you can ask your Unseen members who the Assassin killed. Using Prying Servants on someone who wasn't killed by your Assassin can help find Neutrals or the Neutral Killer.


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Night Room

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September 2018, Patch 2.0.0

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