Objective: Live long enough to see all Heretics die.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Inquisitor is a Unique Investigative class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to survive to see all three Heretics die.

At the beginning of the game, 3 Blue Dragon players will be randomly marked as Heretics. The Inquisitor will not know who the Heretics are, and the Heretics do not know each other. The Inquisitor will know their classes.

Heretics will have a starting message notifying they are a Heretic.

Heretic Exceptions:

For balance reasons, the following classes cannot become a Heretic:

  1. King
  2. Hunter
  3. Prince

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.

Investigative-Type.png Investigative Abilities






Inquisitor - Holy Blessing.png
Relentless Pursuit Passive 1 Become death immune for 1 night if attacked, then lose this passive. Lose this passive when you achieve your objective.
Interrogate Night Determine target player's class if marked as a Heretic.
  • Can't target the starting King
Inquisitor - Ruthless Efficiency.png
Ruthless Efficiency Night 3 Attack target player with an enchanted staff.
  • Unhealable.
  • Can't target the starting King


  • Your Ruthless Efficiency counts as an attack, the same as any other, so it is possible to be attacked by The Knight when using it on someone.
  • If you complete your objective, your abilities will be disabled.


  • It is rarely worth your time to investigate the same person twice unless you're already on your last shot of Ruthless Efficiency. Evils have very few reasons to trick an Inquisitor. Just try and slay them instead, or investigate someone else before cycling back to kill them.
  • It is unwise to randomly attempt to kill someone within the first night due to your limited charges of Ruthless Efficiency.
  • In a last resort, if you are promoted into The King, you will become a neutral king that is able to win with everyone. To attempt this, you may want to lead a lynch on the King and then put your name forward.
    • Heretics are likely to vote for an Inquisitor, since your role's disappearance will surely be a relief to them.
  • Pay extra attention to the claims people make. You will be looking for certain classes, and claims of said classes will certainly be worth an investigation.
    • The King can be of use here. If people make use of whispers to claim to him, you might make a small alliance with him by asking for Heretic roles. A King often learns to value neutral roles later in the game.
      • This can also be used to deduct the King's faction. Pay attention to the Heretics he feels more comfortable with outing. A King who gives you Paladin claims when you are looking for The Cult Leader will most likely be Good. A King that gives you a Mystic or another confirmable Blue Dragon class is probably Evil.
  • If you are jailed by a Prince, you might want to consider telling the truth, especially if one or more of your Heretics are Evil. If your targets are primarily Blue Dragon, however, you might want to hold back, or lie.
  • Keep in mind that your targets just need to die, not necessarily by your hands. If anyone on stand claims a class you are targeting, you should try to push for an execution. If you need a Knight to die, you might want to prompt them to Cold Steel a BD member and thus commit suicide.
  • Another factor to keep in mind is that many of your targets can be converted or assassinated, which means Evils can actively contribute to your victory. Keeping yourself alive might prove harder than actually getting all Heretics killed.
  • Heretics will almost always want an Inquisitor dead. If you are on stand, claim Inquisitor and are somehow pardoned, look at the guilty votes. They will certainly be worth investigating. Heretics will often be more likely to accuse potential inquisitors if mechanical information could lead to that conclusion.
    • It should be noted, however, that Heretics aren't the only ones who want Inquisitors dead, and they alone already mean 3 votes towards your death. As Inquisitor, you should try to stay as far away from the stand as possible, since your odds of surviving trials are fairly low.
  • A Scorned can make for an unusual ally for the Inquisitor. They will never be a Heretic, their goal intersects with yours quite well, and they have no allegiance to any faction, meaning they will be quite happy to see anyone die for treason.
    • Frame and Troll Box are good tools to get rid of Heretics without murdering them, and they will help the Scorned meet the quota of executed people required for them to win.
    • If you find a Heretic, you may also have the Scorned use Disguise on them while you investigate someone else. Making them look evil and accusing them the following day will not only grant you some credibility to the court if they get executed, but it will also save you a use of Ruthless Efficiency and bring you one step closer to your goal investigation-wise.
    • Troll Box can be used to fakely make someone declare they are Inquisitor. Paying attention to whispers and votes against that person might give you a clue about one or more Heretics.
  • Be wary of Heretics fighting back. An Assassin and a Cult Leader will most certainly be glad to get rid of their pursuer. A Butler or a Drunk can occupy you, or worse, protect themselves and other Heretics. Investigators can find you and out you. Always keep in mind what the classes you are hunting are capable of.

Lore: Unknown

At this point in time, our scouts have found nothing on the Inquisitor.

Night Room: The Chapel

Inquisitor's Room.png


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