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Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Handmaiden/The Seeker

The Maid is an Investigative class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

Investigative-Type Investigative Abilities






Matchmake Night Test if target player is compatible with last-checked player. Players are compatible if they win together.

Fool and Scorned are incompatible with everyone. Royals are incompatible with each other.

  • Starts with a random player.
Nosy Servants
Nosy Servants Night 3 Discover if a living player visited a dead player on the night they died. Others will not be able to see who you target.


  • The Maid starts off with one random player assigned to them at the start of the game. They then choose to Matchmake that random person with someone else.
  • If the Maid chooses to Matchmake a confirmed Alchemist with someone else, they will have wasted 2 nights of investigative abilities - since The Alchemist is compatible with everyone else in the game.
  • If a target is framed, the maid's results will generally be reversed of the correct result. However if an evil is framed, they will still appear as they would normally to a Maid.
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Maid Matchmake Interactions Cheat Sheet

Here is a general list of Maid interactions when using Matchmake. (Courtesy of Romana)

Matchmake results are generally the classes who can win with each other, aside from Royal Blood classes and a few exceptions. ("Evil" here refers to Unseen/Cult.)

Exceptions to Matchmake Interactions (trumps general results) Result
Fool + Anyone Incompatible
Scorned + Anyone Incompatible
Royal Blood + Royal Blood Incompatible
Inquisitor + Heathen Incompatible
Mastermind's In The Shadows considers them as BD until N4. -
General Matchmake Interactions Result
BD + BD Compatible
BD + Evil Incompatible
BD + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Pretender Compatible
Pretender + Anyone who doesn't have Royal Blood Compatible
Alchemist + Anyone Compatible
Mercenary + Anyone Compatible
Evil + Evil Compatible
Evil + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Sellsword / Pretender Compatible
NK + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Sellsword / Pretender (All neutrals) Compatible
NK + BD / Evil Incompatible

These are investigation altering abilities, empower ignores them:

  • Framed + BD = Incompatible
  • Framed + Evil/Alch/Merc/Inquis/SS/Pretender = Compatible

Mindwarped maid has her result flipped, incompatible partners become compatible and vice/versa.


  • Most maids tend to use their Matchmake ability only and not Nosy servants. This is because Nosy servants is considered as a generally weaker ability and is usually less helpful in finding evils.


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Night Room

Maid Room
Maid Room


September 2018, Patch 2.0.0

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