Throne of Lies

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Mastermind is a Guaranteed Unique Special class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

This class will appear in every game that the Unseen is present, as it is the nominal leader of the Unseen. The Mastermind can convert others to join the Unseen faction which changes their class to a "darker" version that may have different abilities directed towards the benefit of the Unseen faction, instead of the Blue Dragon.

If the Mastermind is killed before the starting assassin, the starting assassin will become the Mastermind.

Note: Some classes may have an immunity to conversion, such as The Prince, The Alchemist and several others, ultimately wasting a night for you.

Special-Type.png Special Abilities






Can't Touch This.png
Can't Touch This Passive Immune to death (at night) and bleeding.
In The Shadows.png
In the Shadows Passive Appears to be Blue Dragon to investigative abilities for the first 3 nights.
  • Cannot be bypassed.
Suicide Special 1 Commit suicide at the end of the night. This ability should only be used when necessary, otherwise the use of this ability will result in punishment.
  • This ability is not available until Day 3+
Dirty Work.png
Dirty Work Day If there are no Unseen members left, you will become the Assassin at the beginning of the night.
  • Only if day 4+ and <7 total players alive.
Convert Night


Attempt to convert a player into joining the Unseen.
  • Unlimited Uses, but has a 1-day cooldown on success.
  • After failing to convert three times in a row, you will convert a random convertible player.
  • Maximum of 3 living Unseen members at once.
Foresight Night 4 Discover a player’s converted class type, if any.
  • Can be framed


  • Convert will randomly select a convertible target player if it would fail for the third time in a row.
  • Dirty Work is not locked in until the start of the night, and can be unselected.
  • While Dirty Work is an infinite use ability, it can only be used once due to the fact that you become The Assassin when you use it.
  • If Foresight is used on a Framed target, it will show that the target cannot be converted.


  • Some classes are more powerful than others. At some times, it may be worth the time to discover more powerful classes and Convert them, after discovering the best. However, at other times, it may be a wiser use of your time to just convert the first class that you know that won't be Immune to your ability.
  • Be careful who you convert, as some may be more useful than others. It's up to you if you'd prefer to wait for the best classes to convert or to just get the most you can before someone calls you out for Treason. Sometimes converting a less useful class is better than waiting to discover a more powerful one through Foresight.
  • A great way to frame someone is to use Foresight on someone that you know has a Scout on them. It will show as an Unseen visit and there is a great possibility that the player you foresighted will be executed by the Sheriff the next day.
  • The best time to use Dirty Work is when you are in a 1v1 against the Good King. This is because you can Assassinate them at night before the can use the Royal Finger to get you executed. And if they still have Guards! then you can silence them before they can execute you if you time it right
  • Before dawn breaks, you can send your finding in the chat from your ability Foresight. Your fellow Unseen is capable of seeing this, but the rest of the court will be oblivious. (This may only work on faster systems with less lag, and may be an exploit.)
  • If the game comes down to Unseen versus Reaper, it can be smart to trick the Reaper into thinking that a different Unseen player is the Mastermind. This way, the Reaper either wastes a regular reap on you, or wastes 2 souls to empower reap someone who isn't even death immune.
  • If the game comes down to Unseen versus Possessor, with three players alive at the end of the day (Mastermind, Assassin and Possessor) you can tell your Assassin to bleed the Possessor and to use the Suicide ability during the night. That way the game will end up in a One-versus-One situation, meaning the Possessor can't force your Assassin to vote you out. The Possessor can't kill the Mastermind now because he is immune to death and the Possessor will bleed out.
  • Common claims for the Mastermind are The Sheriff, The Maid, and The Princess. This is because the Mastermind appears as Special/Investigative when flirted by a Princess.
  • To gain credibility as a legitimate Investigative class, some Masterminds may consider bussing a teammate. Bussing is when you pretend to "find" an Unseen member, and out them to the court. You need to have convincing logs and persuade the court to get your teammate executed. Since you appear like an actual Investigative, other players are dissuaded from checking you. However, you MUST talk to your teammate before bussing them or it counts as gamethrowing. They do not need to consent to being bussed, but you must have mentioned it to them at one point in the game.
  • If you have your starting Assassin alive, and the starting King is dead, you might want to push for being King, as your Assassin will automatically become the new Mastermind because of his passive Apprentice. Only the starting Assassin has this passive. This will open up a convert slot, you will be an Evil King, and you won't lose your Mastermind.

Lore: Unknown

There is not much known about The Mastermind. No one has actually seen The Mastermind's face.

Our scouts are working on this information.

Night Room: [Shared] Unseen Room


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