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Objective: Finish the game with at least 6 brilders.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Mercenary is a Support class. They belong to the Neutral faction with the objective to finish the game with at least 6 brilders.

The Mercenary does not necessarily have to remain alive, just have 6 brilders before they die.

The Mercenary can't be converted, like other Neutral classes.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.

Support-Type Support Abilities






Looking For Work
Brilder Hungry Passive Immune to occupy and redirect. Start with 2.
Offer Contract
Protection Services Passive You start with 2 brilders, and gain more with successful ability uses. Gain 10 gold for each brilder above the objective.
Don Armor
Don Armor Day 2+


Use one brilder to make yourself death immune tonight.
Stand Guard
Stand Guard Night Occupy everyone targeting your target. You cannot target the same target 2 nights in a row. Gain 1 brilder for each ability prevented.
  • Cannot target King.
Shield Night Shield a player, preventing their death. Can only prevent 1 death. Lasts until you change targets. Gain 3 brilders if you prevent a death.


  • You can not target The King with your abilities.
  • You start off with 2 brilders as a Mercenary at the beginning of the game.
  • The Mercenary earns brilders each time they prevent abilities from being used on players with Stand Guard, or prevent a death with their Shield.
  • Stand Guard prevents other players from visiting the target of your choice. And you will earn brilders for each ability you prevent on your guarded player. However, an Assassin who The Enforcer used Frenzy on can still kill your target.
  • You have unlimited uses of Stand Guard, however you cannot protect the same person two nights in a row.
  • You will not die if you Stand Guard for the target of The Reaper's Circle of Death.
  • If a Mercenary and Sellsword both target a player with Stand Guard and Stonewall, respectively, the Sellsword's Stone Wall will take priority.
  • You can cancel your active Shield by using it on yourself. This is not recommended, because you are using up a night without giving yourself a chance to earn brilders.
  • If an important Blue Dragon player outs themselves, it is a good idea to use Shield on them because they are likely to be attacked, and earn you three brilders.
  • You can not use Don Armour after you have won.


  • If you are in a game where Blue Dragon wants all Neutral to die or The Prince who will execute Neutrals, you'd best claim as The Knight.
  • The best move for The Mercenary early game is to Stand Guard on the talkative Blue Dragon and the players sharing information with The King, Prince, or the court.
  • In the late game The Mercenary really stands out and is a vital part of The Blue Dragon victory if they decide to side with them. The best idea is if you are sure that you have a Good King ask him for assistance in exchange for a shield on him if you still have one, and you want to be coordinating with the King on who to guard and when. Remember that you can prevent a late game convert on someone you really need such as The Knight.

Lore: Unknown

Awaiting scouts to return with further information...

Night Room: Merc's Hideaway Cabin


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May, 2016

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