Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converted Class Summary

Original Class: The Observer

The Nightwatch is an Investigative class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be The Observer but was converted by The Mastermind.

This class is powerful, as it can gain important information about the activity of other classes. The credibility of the Nightwatch's findings may convince people to believe him, greatly benefiting the Unseen.

Discuss with your fellow Unseen faction members at night your findings to better decide who The Assassin should kill next.

Investigative-Type.png Investigative Abilities






Follow Night Follow target player, discovering who a player targets and who targets them.
Watch Carefully.png
Watch Carefully Night 2 Discover a player's class.


  • Follow will tell you who visits your target, and who your target visits.


  • Your Follow ability will provide your alibi, as The Nightwatch's Follow and The Observer's Observe and Overlook abilities are identical: It is almost impossible for other players to deduce whether you are either The Observer or The Nightwatch.
  • As a result of an "unconfirmable" alibi, it will be tricky to convince players to believe you. However, once they believe that your report is credible, you can start crafting fake reports to throw The Blue Dragon faction off-guard without any meaningful attack.
  • Watch Carefully will allow you deduce who is what class, allowing you to assess who is a dangerous player.
  • Your Watch Carefully ability is extremely valuable to the Unseen, being able to deduce a class and how much of a threat they are to you. This can be useful for finding targets to kill, bleed, or convert.
  • When the game is about to unfold with Unseen and Neutrals having majority over Blue Dragon, you may fake a result to execute a Blue Dragon player.
  • Often, using Follow to fake an Overlook is a better idea then faking an Observe, as Overlooks are harder to fake and give you more credibility.
  • Coordinate with Unseen members to make them appear to visit a different target then they actually did.

Lore: Unknown

“Knowledge of your surroundings can prove be more sharp than any dagger, for I am the eyes of the King.”

Night Room: [Shared] Unseen Room


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May, 2016

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