Objective: Defeat the Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

** The Paladin will only appear when the Cult is present.

 Converted Class: The Seeker

The Paladin is a Guaranteed Investigative class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Cult and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.  

This class will only spawn when the Cult faction spawns. The Cult faction will appear when the Unseen faction does not. The Cult is capable of Converting members while eliminating all who oppose them. The Paladin specializes in hunting down members of the Cult faction.    

Investigative-Type.png Investigative Abilities

Icon Ability Type Uses Description
Smite Night 2 If the Cult tries to convert you or your target, you will kill the Cult Leader. Not usable until Night 3.
  • Unhealable
Test Faith.png
Test Faith Night Determine if target player is member of the Cult faction.


  • If Test Faith was used on a target who was converted the same night, they will not appear to be a member of the Cult.
  • Smite can't be used before Night 3.
  • When using Smite, neither you or your target can be converted, and The Cult Leader will be dealt an unhealable attack if they attempt to do so.
  • If The Drunk, The Alcoholic or The Invoker redirects you to visit The King on a night you use Test Faith, you will receive the feedback "[1] is the King."


  • You should not reveal yourself if not absolutely necessary. If you are revealed, the Cult faction members have the power to kill or convert you easily. The Ritualist and The Apostle can also change your results.
  • Your Smite ability is hard to be timed well, but is best used on high profile targets who have already revealed their class and may be at risk of conversion.
  • If more than 2+ people die during the night, it's very likely that the Cult Leader used his Eradicate ability - that means that the following night is most likely going to be a conversion night. That's the optimal time for you to use your Smite ability.
  • While Test Faith helps find Cult members, it will not notify you if a Blue Dragon member was converted the same night you used this ability and still notify you that your target is not suspicious.
  • Be sure to use your Test Faith ability every night except for when you are using Smite, as you have unlimited uses.

Deep Mechanics

  • Like any other Blue Dragon class, there can only be a max of 3 initially spawning at once.

Lore: The Paladin's Crusade

Sworn to protect all that is good and just in this world, the Paladin has made it his lifelong crusade to end the influence of the blood god, Mithras and the rumored god of darkness, Corax. Although not specifically a protector of the Blue Dragon, the Paladin is said to be a protector of the entirety of the realm.

Though he does his best to protect his allies from succumbing to the dark gods’ corrupt power, he knows the only way to end the terror these deities spread is by striking down every Cultist who would heed their insidious call.

Enshielded with golden armor and a divine sword, said to reveal the truth within the reflection of the blade, the Paladin arrived at Castle Adiart only yesterday. His coming can can only lead to one harsh fact: there are Cultists hiding among us. If we do not root them out, our kingdom may be the next to fall to the blood god and be engulfed in eternal darkness.

--Loremaster LordBowser

Night Room: Paladin's Room

Paladin's Room.png


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