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Objective: Survive.

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Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Pretender King is a Unique Special class that belongs to the Neutral faction with the objective to survive. Although the Pretender King, specifically, is not Guaranteed, some form of King is Guaranteed.

The Pretender King appears only when The Pretender is elected king. Aside from having one fewer use of their Guards? ability, they are identical to the The Neutral King.

They can not be investigated and will can not be attacked by Blue Dragon Killer classes, or The Alchemist.

If the King did not survive the night, a self-nomination process is started to find a replacement to lead the court. All classes can step forward to nominate themselves to replace the King. If only one person steps forward, they instantly become the King. If two or more people step forward, a voting ballot to choose the next King from the candidates will be started. The candidates will have time to convince the court and try to get votes needed to become the new King. Any votes on Royal classes will be counted twice, so they have a higher likelihood of becoming king.

If there is no candidate after two consecutive rounds of self-nomination, a vacuum of power occurs, where there will be no king for the rest of the game. In the late game if there are less than 5 players alive after a King's death, there will be no more nominations for King.

Special-Type Special Abilities

Occupy and redirect immune. Can talk at all points in a trial.
The Royal Finger
The Royal Finger
Your next nomination for treason will count twice.
Decide Fate
Decide Fate
Decide an accused player's fate.
  • If used to trigger Hunter's Retribution, King will be targeted with the arrow
Become death immune for the night.


  • You cannot use both The Royal Finger and Decide Fate on the same day.
  • The King's name will always be Golden when they speak in chat.
  • The Noble's Gossip ability and The Aristocrat's Intrigue cannot see feedback for your Guards?


  • Be sure to keep up with the leads people give you and do something with the information people give you, otherwise you will be dubbed a Useless/Evil King and the Butlers will poison you!
  • It might be a good idea to eliminate The Butlers as they can poison you or get an Alchemist on your side, to protect you from the Butler's Nightshade wine. Use some caution, however; overtly going after butlers may make the Blue Dragon think that you're some variety of evil king, which is even worse than being outed as neutral.
  • In almost every respect, the Pretender King should follow the same strategies as The Neutral King; the only differences are fewer guards and the likelihood that you previously claimed The Princess when you were The Pretender, which may make your claim more solid.

Lore: The Pretender King

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Night Room: The Royal Quarters

Throne of Lies - King's Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - King's Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

King's Room


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