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Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Prince is a Guaranteed Unique Royal Killer class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

This class is an essential class for the Blue Dragon. The Prince does as he pleases, locking up other players at night (Occupying them, but also protecting them from attacks and conversion), with the ability to Privately have a chat with the prisoner, optionally able to use his Execute ability to kill them if he believes they are lying to him.

As a Royal, you can step forward to become the next King upon his death, and expect double votes for votes towards you.

Killer-Type Killer Abilities






Unstoppable Passive Immune to being occupied at night and immune to target changing.
Royal Blood
Royal Blood Passive Special During the election for a new King, votes for you count twice. You will keep this passive even if your class changes.
Imprison Day Choose a player to jail tonight. They will be protected from all visits. Can only Imprison the same player three times. (Imprisoning occupies the imprisoned person and bypasses occupation immunity).
Execute Night 3 Kill the imprisoned player (Bypass Night Immunity). If you execute a member of the Blue Dragon, you lose all your remaining executions.

Note: Can't be used until Night 3.


  • Imprison targets can die and not be executed, but can only happen if the jailed target was reaped the previous night, died due to bleed, died from delayed death, was detonated by a Sorcerer, was killed by an empowered Alchemist using Emerald Potion, or was killed by an Assassin + The Enforcer.


  • If you find yourself locked in jail with The Prince, he will want to know your claim. There is no reason not to tell him your claim and share your logbook with him. He is on your side, Blue Dragon-wise! This is very important to remember and an important way to get information shared within the Blue Dragon. There is no need to be secretive with The Prince (unless you aren't BD). He cannot be converted, give him information. 
  • As The Prince, consider asking your prisoner to verify their class by using an ability on somebody the next night. Two nights later you may then jail the proposed target and see if their logs confirm that ability was used on them the previous night. If it doesn't, this is a very reliable indicator that at least one of these players is lying and is therefore evil. Having all of your prisoners do this makes for potentially powerful cross-verification that aids your investigation.  
  • No deaths the night you Imprison someone might indicate they are an evil killing class, and this indicator becomes more reliable as the number of living players dwindles.
  • Your Imprison ability is a good weapon to make players claim their class. Keep an in-game logbook to take notes of who is who. You still win if you are dead, so your logbook will be your best weapon later to help with finding evils, and who is lying.
  • Although you are a Royal and may put your name forward to become The King, you are arguably the Blue Dragon's most powerful asset, so always deeply consider before putting your name forward. Usually, it is a bad idea, as you lose ability to occupy/execute a scum. But it could be a good idea in late game where you know who is scum and want to execute them as Treason.
    The Prince

    The original Prince concept, redone to fit style consistency with the other portraits

  • If anyone else claims Prince during the game, be sure to Imprison and Execute them, to prove that they aren't. If you can't execute, and know they are not The Fool, keep Imprisoning them, because the fact that they claimed Prince but are jailed proves they are evil. However, they could also be Blue Dragon who is trying to protect you, so don't execute them unless you are 100% sure about that,
  • If there happens to be someone that you suspect and the general court suspects of being The Fool, rather then letting the court execute them, you should Imprison them and Execute them, to prevent a no voting period due to the Fool's passive.
  • Using Imprison on a target also prevents that target from being visited at night. You can use Imprison defensively on allies in this way.

Lore: Unknown

“Ha, no one can touch me. I am the King’s next of kin - I am royalty, for I am the King’s chalice.”

Night Room: Dungeon


Screenshot by Loremaster Harmony

The Prince's jail cell has a rat in it, generally liked by the Throne of Lies community.


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