Throne of Lies

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Original Classes:The Court Wizard/The Physician/The Chronomancer

The Ritualist is a Support class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be a Support class but was converted by The Cult Leader.

Support-Type.png Support Abilities






Will of Mithras.png
Will of Mithras Passive Special If you are sacrificed, the Cult Leader’s Eradicate ability will gain an extra charge.
Exhume Day 1 Tonight, discover what classes killed the target player, or if they commited suicide. Can not be cancelled once used.
  • Triggers at the end of the night.
Teleportation Night 2 Target 2 players. Redirect all players targeting either of your targets to the other. You will be immune to occupy and redirect to yourself.
  • Target A becomes target B / or the other way.
  • Cannot target the King.
  • Redirection conflicts may fail
Intensify Night 2 Fortify runes on target player, allowing them to bypass both occupation and redirection tonight. Your target will know they were intensified if it helped them.
  • Can't target the King


  • If you are converted from The Physician, you will retain your Bleed Immunity.
  • You will not be aware if Intensify helped your target, only your target will know.
  • If you use Teleportation on a target that is also being targeted by a similar ability such as Tornado or Teleportation from The Court Wizard or The Ritualist, the player higher on the player list will take priority, and have their ability happen first.
    • For example: There is [5] The Ritualist and [15] The Court Wizard.
    • [5] decides to use Teleportation on [2] and [10].
    • [15] decides to use Tornado on [2] and [12].
      • [5] would use Teleportation on [2] and [10] successfully.
      • [15] would be redirected to [10], and uses Tornado on [10] and [12].


  • The Ritualist is commonly referred to as "Rit" by the community.
  • If you are out of charges for most of your abilities or The Cult Leader has no charges of Eradicate left, consider the asking The Cult Leader to use Blood of Mithras on you to sacrifice you. Will of Mithras will come in very handy, and give The Cult Leader an additional charge of Eradicate.
  • Find dead players you believe have been killed by the Neutral Killer, and use Exhume on them. If you are right, you will learn what Neutral Killer is in play, and you are able to inform the Cult of your findings.
  • Intensify is sometimes referred to as "Int" by the community.
  • During Night 1, using Intensify on The Cult Leader can come in helpful. Even though you only have 2 charges of Intensify, almost guaranteeing that The Cult Leader will successfully use Brainwash on another player, and thus convert a player into the Cult can be worth the price.
  • If you believe The Cult Leader will be targeted by The Butler or The Drunk tonight, use Intensify on them, allowing them to bypass occupation and redirection they receive this night.
    • This can help you get out of sticky situations.
  • If you think The Mercenary will be using Stand Guard on a preferred target of Brainwash or Eradicate by The Cult Leader tonight, you should consider using Intensify on The Cult Leader to allow them bypass the occupation..
  • If an important class such as The Prince is outed, you can use Teleportation on them, and redirect any players trying to protect them to another player. Combine this with an Eradicate from The Cult Leader the same night, and you are almost always able to kill off this important class.
    • This strategy is a well known one among the community. If it happens, the court will be very quick to point fingers at Support class claims, especially The Court Wizard claims. So get ready to defend yourself in the morning if you so happen to be claiming to be a Support class.
      • If you claim to be The Court Wizard, DO NOT claim to have used Tornado on the same targets as Teleportation, this will only make you look more suspicious than you are already as a Support class claim.
  • Teleportation and similar abilities (Tornado) are commonly referred to as "Swap" or "Nado" by the community.
  • You can use Teleportation on yourself and other members of the Cult. Use this to your advantage. If a member of the Cult is likely to be investigated or killed, use Teleportation on them along with another player who is not a member of the Cult to help them live.
    • Repeatedly doing this on the same member of the Cult multiple times can make Investigative classes aware that someone is trying to deflect them away from the member of the Cult, which could make them suspect your fellow Cult members even more.
    • Investigative classes can accidently target the player that was not a member of the Cult, and be redirected into a member of the Cult with your Teleportation, so be careful while using the ability, the last thing you want is to put your teammates in danger.
  • If a member of the Cult is bleeding or will be attacked, you can use Teleportation on them with another player who would likely be targeted by protective classes such as The Prince, in order to redirect the protective class into curing the bleed.
    • Keep in mind that this might make the court suspect your previously bleeding or attacked teammate a bit when the protective class outs their information.
  • Teleportation is a good ability for faking be The Court Wizard, as you are able to replicate the same effects as a Tornado with Teleportation.
  • The Chronomancer, The Court Wizard and The Physician are all good fake claims for The Ritualist. This is because you are able to replicate similar effects to these classes, and you are a Support class, so The Princess you will see you as Support/Social while using Flirt on you.

Lore: Unknown

As Mithras and Corax spread their influence, the scouts are still seeking further details. All we know is that it's worse than we thought -- what we once knew about the Cult was completely wrong, after discovering these new "Cultists"..

 Night Room: [Shared] Cult Room

The Empty Cult room.


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