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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converted Class Summary

** This class does not appear in Casual Mode.

Original Class: The Court Wizard

The Sage is a Support class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be The Court Wizard but was converted by The Mastermind.

This class is considered Support type, since it uses it's abilities to protect their allies from harm.

Use your Tornado ability to swap an Unseen ally with a confirmed good one to prevent all kinds of bad things -- although the Knight's Cold Steel ability will be cancelled, this can save an ally from a death and waste more of the Blue Dragon's time on an execution. You can also prevent investigative classes from learning anything about an ally by forcing them to investigate someone else.

There are many ways to use your Tornado ability, only limited to your creativity.

Support-Type Support Abilities






Court Wizard - Tornado
Tornado Night Target 2 players. Redirect all players targeting either of your targets to the other. You will be immune to occupy and redirect to yourself.
  • Target A becomes target B / or the other way.
Wall of Fire
Wall of Fire Night 2 Occupy everyone targeting your target, except the Assassin.


  • This class currently has no special listed mechanics.


  • While you retain your abilities from when you were The Court Wizard and can use these to the Unseen's advantage, if The Assassin dies you will become the new Assassin, and it will be very hard for you to convince the court you are the still The Court Wizard.
  • If you use Tornado, other players will know where they were redirected. Try to avoid redirecting The Sheriff to a member of the Unseen.
  • Wall Of Fire is a limited but useful ability. You can use to ensure no one is present to heal a poisoned target or the assassin is not blocked by a protective Blue Dragon.
  • If an important Blue Dragon target is publicly known, such as the Prince, you can swap them with a random target and have the Assassin attack that random target. Anyone protecting the Blue Dragon target will be forced to protect your other target, while the Assassin will be made to attack the now-unprotected Blue Dragon member.

Lore: Unknown

“Ancient knowledge of fire and ice shall ward off foes of any kinds, for I am the staff of the king.”

Night Room: [Shared] Unseen Room

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Unseen Room


May, 2016

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