Throne of Lies

Objective: Kill all members of the main factions.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Sorcerer is a Unique Killer class that belongs to the Neutral faction. Their objective is to kill all members of the main factions in order to win.

The Sorcerer has the ability to kill players without having to visit them. They can set magical Walking Bombs on players during the day and detonate them at night. These bombs bypass death immunity. They also have the option of attacking players at night with Magic Missile.

NoteOther Neutral classes won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.

Killer-Type.png Killer Abilities

Icon Ability Type Uses Description
Perception Passive You will not attack targets that are death immune or guarded by the Knight.
Sorcerer - Mage Armor.png
Mage Armor Passive Immune to death (at night) and bleeding.
Inquisitor - Find Magic.png
Walking Bomb Day Cast a deadly spell on target player that you can later detonate. Can have multiple Walking Bombs active. Usable Day 1.
  • Cannot target King.
Escape Fate Day 1 Escape an accusation of treason with a pardon.
Sorcerer - Magic Missile.png
Magic Missile Night Attack target player by firing a Magic Missile.
Detonate Night Kills all players with an active Walking Bomb. Bypasses death immunity.


The Walking Bomb symbol.

  • Your Perception passive will tell you "You felt something off about attacking [Target], so you didn't attack them." if they meet the criteria of the passive.


  • Place Walking Bombs on targets that do not pose a direct threat to you, but are vital in some way or are active in court such as Sheriffs, Paladins, and Court Wizards. Any investigatives that can catch you such as Maids and Princesses if you claim a non Killer/Offensive class should be killed at night.
    • Additionally since you are redirect immune when you Detonate you don't have to worry about Drunks or Court Wizards, consider placing bombs on them since you can kill them without any hassle
  • Consider placing a Walking Bomb on possible King candidates such as classes with Royal Blood or The Mystic. This way, you can finish them off later with a Detonate without worrying about them stopping your Magic Missiles with death immunity.
    • While you can escape the grim fate of an execution by trial once, The King can still pose a big threat to you in 1v1 or 2v1 situations because The King can grant himself death immunity with Guards! twice.
  • Similarly, whenever possible, you want to ensure that one of your Walking Bomb targets becomes King. Place a Walking Bomb on anyone you think is likely to end up as The King. Vote for them, and argue for them to take the Crown
  • During the night early in the game, use Magic Missile on Blue Dragon healers such as the Physician so that your bombs do not get healed or delayed, or on Investigative classes that can find you early on such as Maid, Princess, or Observer. Mid-game, just before you Detonate, kill members of the evil team so that after you detonate, the Cult/Unseen do not gain the majority and kill you! Also remember to eliminate classes such as Butler or Prince that can occupy you before your critical Detonate.
  • Consider either detonating first around Night 3/4, or saving your detonate till the end-game. If you choose to detonate multiple times, place Walking Bombs on people active in Court or powerful Blue Dragon classes such as the Sheriff/Paladin. If you are saving your detonate till the end-game, place Walking Bombs on classes likely to survive until the end-game, such as the Mystic or Hunter
  • Get neutrals on your side. This is particularly important for Sorcerer as otherwise they would need to find a way to get the King killed by the end-game. Help the Scorned/Inquisitor kill their targets.

Night Rooms

New Room (After Patch 2.0)

Screenshot by Loremaster SurrenderMaine

Old Room (Before Patch 2.0)

Court Wizard's Room.png

Lore: The Sorcerer's Search

A mysterious woman has been found at the crime scene of multiple killings, our scouts are trying to catch her now...


November, 2017