Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted From: The Chronomancer

The Timesnatcher is a Support class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

Support-Type.png Support Abilities






Rewind Passive If you become an Assassin and have no charges of Two-For-One left, you will regain a charge.
Time Snatch.png
Time Snatch Night 2 If target player is bleeding, they will bleed out tonight.
Dark Dimension.png
Dark Dimension Night 2 Make the Unseen appear "not suspicious" tonight.


  • Upon becoming the Assassin, gain a charge of Two-For-One, assuming the first charge has already been used.
  • Can both hide the Unseen from investigators and have anyone bleeding die a night early.


  • The Unseen gains an immediate advantage by converting a Chronomancer, since it allows the Assassin to use Two-for-One without much of a drawback. In fact, having the Mastermind out the Assassin right after he uses Two-for-One not only makes him less suspicious to the court, but it also lets the Timesnatcher take his place and kill off 2 more enemies, while the Mastermind gets to convert someone else the following night.
  • Time Snatch is a great way to get rid of the King in the late game, especially if there are no healers left. It might also not compromise your Chronomancer claim since you were only supposed to delay his death the following night, instead of the first one.
  • Dark Dimension is often best saved for the late game or, at the very least, after night 3. It is often best to coordinate with the Assassin during nights he does and doesn't bleed people.
  • Be aware that Time Snatch will be wasted if someone heals your target. It is a powerful ability with only 2 uses, so you might want to let the Assassin check for healers by bleeding a few targets before you use it. The Assassin can bleed 3 times, so do not worry if a couple of those uses don't kill anyone.
  • Keep in mind Time Snatch works for a Hunter's Wolf Companion as well as the Assassin's bleed. If you are able to convince them to wolf a BD class (especially if you've already "confirmed" that you are a Chronomancer), you might be able to finish them off sooner. If your Assassin bleeds someone else the day after, chances are healers will prioritize a certainly non-Unseen target than a person the Hunter suspected.
  • You might be able to keep healers away from bled targets by declaring you will delay their death in 2 nights. Time Snatch can then be used and justified as Unseen taking advantage of the fact that there were no healers on the target the night before you could delay the death.
  • Time Snatch should be used with a degree of caution if you've been outed as a Chronomancer; while it is of course possible that the target was killed by someone else, it's rare for people to waste time killing someone who was already bleeding, so having them die early may make people suspect a Timesnatcher.
  • If you delayed a death and didn't use Distort Reality to move it when you were still the Chronomancer you will need to come up with an explanation for why you didn't move or delay the delayed player again.


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