Class Types

These types help understand what a class can do without reading their abilities:

Icon Description
Investigative = Investigative class can investigate others, revealing clues about their class, faction or type.
Killer = Killer classes can have an ability that allows them to kill, and they use this to advance their goals.
Offensive = Offensive classes can use offensive abilities and techniques to disrupt foes, including occupation and target changing.
Social = Social classes use abilities to either better communicate with other players or to alter voting.
Special = Some classes are one-of-a kind. These classes don't fill in on other type.
Support = Support classes aid and defend others by healing or empowering other classes

Investigative Classes

  1. The Duchess (Unseen)
  2. The Handmaiden (Unseen)
  3. The Inquisitor (Neutral)
  4. The Maid (Blue Dragon)
  5. The Marshal (Unseen)
  6. The Nightwatch (Unseen)
  7. The Observer (Blue Dragon)
  8. The Paladin (Blue Dragon)
  9. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
  10. The Seeker (Cult)
  11. The Sheriff (Blue Dragon)

Killer Classes

  1. The Assassin (Unseen)
  2. The Hunter (Blue Dragon)
  3. The Knight (Blue Dragon)
  4. The Possessor (Neutral)
  5. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
  6. The Reaper (Neutral)
  7. The Sorcerer (Neutral)
  8. The Psycho King (Neutral)

Offensive Classes

  1. The Alcoholic (Unseen)
  2. The Butler (Blue Dragon)
  3. The Drunk (Blue Dragon)
  4. The Herbalist (Unseen)
  5. The Invoker (Cult)
  6. The Poacher (Unseen)
  7. The Sellsword (Neutral)
  8. The Servant (Unseen)

Social Classes

  1. The Apostle (Cult)
  2. The Aristocrat (Unseen)
  3. The Illusionist (Unseen)
  4. The Mystic (Blue Dragon)
  5. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
  6. The Fool (Neutral)
  7. The Scorned (Neutral)

Special Classes

  1. The Cult Leader (Cult)
  2. The King (Random)
  3. The Mastermind (Unseen)
  4. The Pretender (Neutral)

Support Classes

  1. The Alchemist (Neutral)
  2. The Chronomancer (Blue Dragon)
  3. The Court Wizard (Blue Dragon)
  4. The Enforcer (Unseen)
  5. The Mercenary (Neutral)
  6. The Physician (Blue Dragon)
  7. The Ritualist (Cult)
  8. The Sage (Unseen)
  9. The Timesnatcher (Unseen)