The Unseen Faction

The Assassin and the Mastermind, guised in shadows, are a mysterious group that betray their King for unknown reasons. Although there are certain rumors - some say for gold, while others say for power; perhaps both.

Unseen Win Screen

The Unseen Faction Classes

The Unseen is an antagonist faction, like the Cult. They were formerly named "The Black Rose" at alpha launch, however the name was changed to the Unseen due to it being too similar to the Blue Dragon. They will never appear in the same game as the Cult, and they have a 2/3 chance of spawning instead of Cult. The Unseen can only have a maximum of 3 members (excluding an Evil King). They contain the following classes:

1. The Alcoholic

Portraitcard unseen alcoholic

2. The Aristocrat

Portraitcard unseen aristocrat

3. The Assassin

Portraitcard unseen assassin

4. The Duchess

Portraitcard unseen duchess

5. The Enforcer

Portraitcard unseen enforcer

6. The Handmaiden

Portraitcard unseen handmaiden

7. The Herbalist

Portraitcard unseen herbalist

8. The Illusionist

Portraitcard unseen illusionist

9. The King

Portraitcard unseen unseenking

10. The Marshal

Portraitcard unseen marshal

11. The Mastermind

Portraitcard unseen mastermind

12. The Nightwatch

Portraitcard unseen nightwatch

13. The Poacher

Portraitcard unseen poacher

14. The Sage

Portraitcard unseen sage

15. The Servant

Portraitcard unseen servant

16. The Timesnatcher

Portraitcard unseen timesnatcher.min

Every Unseen game starts with The Mastermind and an Assassin.


Countering Sheriff Scout

If a Sheriff's Scout catches you being visited by Unseen the night you are converted, there are different ways to defend yourself. You can claim to be unconvertable (i.e. Alchemist or Hunter who used Bear Companion). You can claim to be Physician who was attacked but self-cared. And of course, you can claim that your accuser is The Scorned.


When there are 3 Unseen and Convert is not on cooldown, consider having the Assassin or the convert deliberately get executed during the day. This is because it allows the Mastermind to convert, reducing the number of Blue Dragon players faster than merely killing them. If the Mastermind is actively involved in encouraging the court to execute one of his own, he wins himself credibility.

Lore: Unknown

The scouts are looking into this...


The Assassin delivering presents (left) and The Mastermind cosplaying as Santa Claus (right)

The Sheriff is one of few that knows about the existence of the Unseen. Our scouts are seeking him out for briefing..

Night Room: The "Beneath"


Screenshot by Loremaster Hydroculius

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