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Badge Progress:

Lucky Edit

Make the x000th edit. (4/∞)

Wiki Expert

Make 2000 edits on articles. (2030/2500)


Add 500 pictures to articles. (396/500)

Wiki Planner

Add 100 articles to categories. (108/250)


Make 100 edits on pages within the first hour of their creation. (?/100)

Completed Badge Categories

Wiki Hero!

Contribute to the wiki every day for 365 days. (365/365)


Make 100 edits in a single day. (1/1)

And One More Thing

Comment on 10 blog posts. (10/10)

Something To Say

Create a blog post. (1/1)


Add to your own user page. (1/1)

Stopping By To Say Hi

Comment on someone's talk page. (1/1)

Welcome to the Wiki

Join the wiki. (1/1)

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