I am otorhinolaryngologically, a guy who goes by the name of Rogue within this community.

I used to be an active member of the community but I have pretty much left apart from occasionally chatting on the discord or checking up on the wiki.

My Throne of Lies Story

I came to the game through the YouTuber Tormental, and since have not referred anyone sadly. I got the game through editing the wiki, which isn't something that can happen anymore, and probably wasn't deserved since at the time I was just doing category spam, which since I have spent a while cleaning up.

When I joined, there weren't many mods, and the kickstarter hadn't even launched. After I joined, Alfa, Fade/SoulShard, and I were roleplaying in #general and so Xblade decided to make a roleplay channel, which has since either been archived or deleted, probably due to the fact that when we were genuinely roleplaying, people would just do random stuff in the channel.

In mid 2017, I passed 100 edits on the wiki and got the Wiki King role in discord, and I got a game key for it, alongside doing various other things. I uploaded a ToL kickstarter video on the YouTube channel I was thinking I would do longterm at that time, and the video was probably for getting content creator rank (which has since been retired, you can't get it anymore).

After I got fairly involved in the wiki, I made it my mission to get all the badges possible, preferably without spamming edits just for it. I eventually gave up on that since why would I? Points and leaderboards are meaningless, it's just doing repetitive actions for the sake of recognition which most people don't see.

For about half a year from mid 2017, I had the Guide role, even though I wasn't really doing much in the community at that point, gradually drifting away. The reason why I was drifting away was probably because I don't like responsibility, but also because I don't like lying that much.

Eventually quit discord as a whole for about 6 months to a year. When I came back to discord, I didn't get involved in the ToL community again for a while. I might get involved again now, especially now that I've cleaned up my discord server list to only be ones that are actually somewhat important to me.

Lore (The Neutralist)

This Neutral character by the name of Rogue enjoys hiding in the shadows, away from people. People often call this class a nerd.~Submitted by Wiki King RogueYT~

Social Media

Discord: Rhino/Rogue

Dead YouTube: otoRHINOlaryngologically

Dead Twitch: otoRHINOlaryngologically


Well that's rank.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY

Rank Name Date Start (MM/DD/YYYY) - Date End (MM/DD/YYYY)

Royal Guests♛ : 1/10/2017 - 1/10/2017

Content Creators♘ 4/10/2017 - 12/08/2017

Wiki King♔ 4/29/2017 - Present

ContentSharing<3 5/21/2017 - 6/05/2017

Guide 📖 06/26/2017 - 11/29/2017~

Master Bug Reporter 08/01/2017 - Present

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