Alright, so you may have been hearing around that there is this new Mode called The Aftermath,

Basically, the king is dead, the usurper returns to try and become king and the blue dragon are fighting against him.

The patch notes for it are as follows:

  • After the King died, the Lords of the land awaited the return of the King's son, who had traveled to foreign lands on a diplomatic mission.
  • Little did the Lords know that one of them wished for the throne and is willing to kill for it.
  • There will be 4 classes in Aftermath to start. These classes will only be in the Aftermath game mode.
  • The Usurper. A unique role, whose objective is to kill all the Blue Dragon.
  • The Madman. A unique role, whose objective is to get their target executed, or to get themself executed.
  • The Inspector. A unique Blue Dragon role, who can discover who the Usurper is.
  • The Lord. A Blue Dragon role, which has no abilities.
  • Their portraits have not been created yet.
  • The game mode will support 5-8 players.
  • Player will be able to use voice chat in the game mode.
  • To change the push-to-talk button you must change it in the launcher. Unity won't allow me to change the shit in-game.
  • There will be no night phase, players choose what ability they want to use at night during the day.

​Oh right, and also Cult is back.

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