Throne of Lies
Throne of Lies
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There are various different types of weapons in Throne Of Lies. Your character starts with the Squire's Sword. You can equip weapons in the customization menu, where you can also equip armor.

Weapons List


Abaddon Axe

Forged by Abaddon, The Angel of Death, himself. This heavy, fiery axe draws its dark power from the fires of Hell that burn, but do not consume.


Bowl of Nails

Welcome to the Castle of Adiart, the roughest, toughest castle ever to be built in the world. Only the baddest of the bad can get in. Show people how tough you are by destroying some guy just by looking at him.


Ceremonial Blood Staff

This staff was recovered from a once-known cultist lair, said to have been dropped by a senior member, offering us a glimpse of the powers of Mithras, the God of Blood. Don't stare at it for too long...


Crooked Voodoo Staff

This staff is said to hold the power to control Reapers. Although no one has successfully done so, this staff is known to be able to rip a soul out of victims' bodies.



The short and broad Pirate's Cutlass is perfect for slashing enemies while boarding ships. The dual, sharp steel blades double as a handy tool at sea.


Cursed Longsword

Corax, the God of Darkness, defiled the Cursed Longsword with black magic. It draws power from his realm to drown its foe in eternal darkness.


Demonic Axe

The stories are told of this axe that bring about madness and terror. Simply wielding the axe has been rumored to instil the deepest fears against those that face it, dying from shock before the edge even hits them.


Frosted Blade

Frozen wastelands are not found far from Castle Adiart. The rest about this sword is currently unknown...


Frozen Rune

The earliest wizards of the Wasteland conjured ice magic & imbued a sacred rune with the power. It was long lost until a noble Knight stumbled upon it.


Glacial Cane

Some say an ice goblin stole this from a powerful mage from the north, but others hear it was just lodged in the stick-hand of a snowman.



The ultimate weapon of the God of Light's salvation, the Heaven's Sword was said to be raised up and handed down to those that have defend this realm during darker times.

Lightning Rod.png

Lightning Rod

Let the power of the heavens flow through you. What's that you smell? Is it victory? Mostly it's burnt flesh... but also victory.


Oracle's Earring

The powerful Oracle's earring imbues its wielder with the gift of foresight. But can you withstand the weight of the future on your shoulders?


Pulse Rune

A fragment of the Devil's brimstone imbued with dark magic, the Pulsing Rune sacrifices souls to hell while capturing their heartbeat within.


Pyro Ring

This ring belonged to the first wizard of Castle Adiart--so, the tale has been told by Kings - the real legend of this ring is said to hold infused power of the underworld flames.


Rune of Focus

A royal servant attempted to trick the Court Wizard into granting him immense power. This fool's fortitude now lives within the Rune of Focus.


Secret Gift

Gifts are traditionally given throughout the Snowcrest season to both friend and foe. Recipients are unaware of where they stand until it's opened.


Snowcrest Sword

A symbol of eternal life, this evergreen Snowcrest tree was fallen on sacred soil and hardened into a claymore-like sword to punish poachers on our lands.


Spiked Morning Star

Sometimes called a "Mourning" star due to how many have fallen due to this heavily-spiked mace. No one even knows the spikes are forged with dragon whisker knockoffs!


Squire's Sword

A rusty, yet efficient sword, inherited from the fallen members of the castle; often called "The Undying Sword" since the sword, itself, lives on.


Sword of Kings

Wielding the sword represents royal advocacy of the Throne, backing the King's army, forged with dragonsteel and infused with an energy of great power.


Trident of The High Seas

Found lodged in the bones of a sea dragon, this trident proves that water spirits are not only real, but dangerous beings bound to this weapon.


Voidstone of Corax

Stolen from an ancient god of darkness, this stone wields the power to banish foes to it's realm. Was this stone really stolen, or was it merely dropped for another purpose...?


Vortex Amulet

The spiral agate gem of the Vortex Amulet protects the wearer from elemental forces by absorbing great amounts of energy and expelling it outward.


Warden's Bludgeon

It began as a simple, wooden club, but the Warden's Bludgeon has added more lethal adornment as it was passed from one warden to the next.


Trueshot Crossbow

Although seemingly an ordinary crossbow, the Trueshot Crossbow always hits its target. At least, the target your heart aims for, if not your eyes.