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Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary 編輯

 Converted Class: The Herbalist/The Ritualist

The Physician is a Support class 模板:Blue Dragon Objective

This class can pretend to give key information away if The Assassin’s main ability, Nightshade, isn't used yet, ultimately taunting them to waste their poison on him.







Remedy Studies
Remedy Studies Passive Immune to Nightshade poison and bleeding.
Remedy Studies
Inoculate Day 1 Make a player immune to Nightshade and bleeding. Does not cure it.
Exhume Day 3 At the end of the night, learn what classes killed a player, or if they committed suicide.
Heal Night Heal a player, preventing them from dying tonight, and cures poison and bleeding.
Self-Care Night 2 If you are attacked tonight, you will heal yourself.

Mechanics 編輯

  • Heal can stop an attacked player from dying and cure their poison or bleeding in the same night.
  • There are several things that can prevent you from receiving the message "You could not heal [Player]": The Enforcer's Frenzy assisting The Assassin in killing your target, your target committing suicide (including if they were The Knight and used Cold Steel on a member of the Blue Dragon), The Reaper using Reap on your target, or a killer class who was empowered by The Court Wizard killing your target.

Strategy 編輯

  • The Assassin (Nightshade, day ability) has the power to poison someone. You can lure them to poison you and waste their ability. This is good since you are Immune to Poison due to your Remedy Studies passive ability.
  • Do not Reveal yourself via chat unless necessary. You're only Immune to poison/bleeding; not to an assassination attempts.
  • The Assassin will not know if their Nightshade poison succeeded in poisoning you, allowing you to pretend to be poisoned and/or healed to waste their time.
  • If you save somebody at night with Heal, your target will be notified that a Healer saved them. They can use that testimony to back up your claim of Physician if need be.

Lore: Unknown 編輯

Our scouts have not returned with information on this.

Night Room: Physician's Room 編輯

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Announced 編輯

May, 2016